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mjw |
much luv n respect to you all
29 October 2006 - tornto

roon |
PEOPLE AT REGGAE VIBES, thanks for selecting I-man for the free copy of Eric Donaldson Cherry Oh Baby Just this evening found it on the doorstep, what a surprise! Makes me feel even more proud, now iíve seen on the site that there were only three people in the world who could be the lucky one! man, donít know what to say . Wasnít real familiar with the manís work, yet the influence he had in reggae tunes seems the more important, thankya! It certainly feeds I knowledge about reggae (rock-steady) historie, with sound! and the 4-page cover! and the Trojan label! (have a few vinyls here, to remind me their great productions). Now realizing also where UB40 e.g. got inspiration from. Yes, the late-ska, rocksteady and BlackArk-ish style are a welcome! a special Ďreminderí to
25 October 2006 - Netherlands

roon |
this e.g. is how ReggaeVibesPlaylist (T&T to I&I) honours reggae-music!
* The Abyssinians - Declaration Of Rights *
* Bob Andy - Stepping Free *
big thnx
24 October 2006 - netherlands

rudy |
thanks for your site
i like reggae music and your site it's for me a paradise
19 October 2006 - Israel

Shaeba Bernard |
Give thanks and praise for another day, be strong and keep the faith. One love caribean people especially the Isle of Spice,Grenada
13 October 2006 - Grenada

rastafari dreadz |
dis site mon so cool dem odda site cyaan nuh touch dis mon big up fi all jamaicans and cariebbaen
12 October 2006 - dalton GA usa

Peta |
I luv de vibes pun dis site. Jamaica music is de best music I hear so far. Bigg up 2 all de Caribbean countries and big up my Island Barbados. God Bless all mankind. :
9 October 2006 - Barbados

2 October 2006 - chicago

Maxy |
heej papa leuke site

xxx jes hvj maxii
22 September 2006 - nederland

rovin |
love the site, but should get some Firstborn music on the playlist
20 September 2006 - new york, but from lancaster, Guyana

confused |
I must say, I find it particularly difficult to understand much of what I have read on this site -- what are "steppers" and "the miltant rockers?" Does "Rockers" refer to the same genre as "mods and Rockers" from the 60's?
20 September 2006 - UK

Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   'Rockers' refers to a militant style of rhythm developed in the 1970s, mostly based on the updating of old rocksteady classics, and associated with, first, Augustus Pablo and then the drummer Sly Dunbar and the Channel One session band, the Revolutionaries.
'Steppers' is an even more militant development of the 'Rockers' style of rhythm and dominant in Jamaica during the late 1970s/early 1980s. It's a facet of roots reggae that has never gone out of fashion with groups of fans in the UK, and some sound systems there such as Jah Shaka.

N8 |
Sik Reggae Tunes
19 September 2006 - St Mellonzz

Chris Cooper |
Do the best God disciples even though there is an uprising and the music sounds sweet!!!
18 September 2006 - Bahamas

BIG UP to Joseph Hill !!!!!!!
Rest in Peace!!!!!!
Peace for Black&White!!!!!!!!!!!!
17 September 2006 - Austria

dingi bingi man |
mi luving reggae it is becoming part of ma soul play it more please.big ups
16 September 2006 - MN USA but born in somalia

Afrikan Simba |
Big up to this site. Raspect to all concious people. Rastafari love and blessings. Big up Teacher and Mr T.

Warm and loving greetings to ET, JA and NAIJA as well as the rest of the world.

Afrikan Simba seh so!
16 September 2006 - UK

Humble African |
Nuff respect and Much condolonces to the family of Mr Joseph Hill aka CULTURE you was and will be one the best always
15 September 2006 - HOUSTON but from KENYA

BIG UP to dis site! BIG UP all dis people! BIG UP to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BLESSED!Greetings to Ghana!
15 September 2006 - Austria

Donalda Higgs |
I am away in school far from homewhich is The Bahamas, so beautiful, sexy and full it is. I am pursuing medicine, so I can't chime in an out of my island vibes da way my heart desires to. My first love was the love of carnival & reggae, always and true, I will be a faithful lady.
14 September 2006 - North Carolina (but born & raised in Nassau, Bahamas)

ToNa |
peace and love to all dem brothas, Keeps it real and let jah led da way, yah feel me. Yo I like Junior X, when is he gonna hit da scene again?
14 September 2006 - Nevis

buddy love |
buddy is back,love for all
13 September 2006 - holland

Liz |
Nuff Love To All Rastas
12 September 2006 - Jacksonville, Florida

elaine williams |
i like buju banton when is his next concert in cincinnati ohio
11 September 2006 - is queen of the pack

9 September 2006 - BRONXNEWYORK

Tafari |
I manage the restaurant "Island Delight cafe" based in Houston,TX and my customers enjoy your daily selections, from all of them to all of you who make it possable . Jah Bless!
8 September 2006 - Houston, TX

chester |
de vibes gwan good more fire man big up de Verdict House crew outta Zim true Love Respect
6 September 2006 - south africa

Jorie |
It is hard to understand much of what I have read here.
4 September 2006 - USA

killer miller |
just came back to the site after some years.still pumping. What happened to the chat room?
4 September 2006 - Belize

Lady Ann
Yea man lady ann stop in to say hi luv the site
1 September 2006 - usa

Leci |
Luv the site!
31 August 2006 - Detroit, MI

phelecia |
reggae vibes is the best its on and popping all the music make me dance until i am out of breath
29 August 2006 - hartford ct

Kirsty |
Hello, I was at the Nottinghill Carnival yesterday and heard a good tune but I can't find it, it was someting like "I just wanna dance with you, you know theres nothing I can do". Can anyone tell me what tune this was? Thanks
29 August 2006 - London, England

king fred |
this is a very good site in the net to learn about reggae, my prefer site is jamaican top 20 and my english is very improve sorry

given thanks & blessings
28 August 2006 - barcelona - Catalonia

Bernice. |
This is a great site. Thanks you guys for your time and commitment. I love this place and it keeps me up to date with the reggae scene.

Peace and Blessings. One Love.B.
28 August 2006 - United Kingdom

mariah |
wa gwan ur site is sick u see cha
25 August 2006 - canada

marie harvey |
25 August 2006 - england uk

roon |
give thanks to Joseph Hill Ö
22-01-1949 / 19-08-2006
who gave us Culture .
22 August 2006 - netherlnds

p kemp |
wicked site massive reggae fan irie
21 August 2006 - england

sonsiama |
blessed brothers ,i share my love and respect for what you doing and hope you guys are gonna keep on pourin the positive
vibes in our ears and spray the consious news in our eyez
21 August 2006 - netherlands

Baddis Chik |
luv dis site man
20 August 2006 - NYC

ras tinto |
big up to dis site one of de best on de internet now keep de fire burning.Africa fi waiting fi all dem rastas to repartriate. babylon fi burn till mt zion fi get de a blessed love
14 August 2006 - mutare, Zimbabwe Africa

winston |
nice reggae site.much love and respect .
13 August 2006 - Philippines

missy |
big up!! to reggae-vibes.much respect.
10 August 2006 - connecticut

Cryssi |
I love di site, love di music, love di vibe.Keep it lock! Dun know.
8 August 2006 - Florida

ashley |
big up to all the people real jamaican gal dis and big up to raggae vibes :
6 August 2006 - miami fl

naps |
big up! big up! big up reggae vibes.wah wi seh, passion for life?
passion riddim compilation.chuck fender # 2 peoples choice charts. WICKED!
4 August 2006 - JAMAICA

Pat Davis |
Great job guys ,i really enjoy this site keep up the good work.
4 August 2006 - Canada

kimberly |
keep it up cah di music wicked
4 August 2006 - jamaica

debbie |
great site keep it up
3 August 2006 - florida

roon |
thnks to mr T (& Teacher) for quick reply mail
also for this wbsite, i like it tooo
"study the student & teaching the teacher"

any1 tell of band 'More Revelation' ?
lp 1979 (eg "hard time") leadsinger high voice

grtngs from
2 August 2006 - netherlands

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