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yolanda pompey |
i like the web site keep up the good work
13 November 2008 - new york city

caroline |
hi there big up to all of you on here
29 October 2008 - uk

chandie |
great site. keep the fire burning
15 July 2008 - zimbabwe

M Peggy Quattro |
Greetings! Reggae-Vibes is a great site. I love listening to the ole-time music,,, when Reggae was about peace and love. with great singers and great songs~ Thank you for keeping the legends alive!
One Love!
2 July 2008 - Miami, Florida

michaela |
lovin da site 2 da fullest man mi miss J.A like mad soon cum bk.dis site mks me feel at hme
20 June 2008 - UK

mikeydan |
This site a wicked still
4 June 2008 - uk

Al |
Hi I love the master link mix. But i would like to get/hear the whole thing? Any help would be appreciated.
9 May 2008 - Cleveland oh usa

Baye Fall Tips |
yeah man .
5 May 2008 - Columbus, OH

Studio 53
Blessed love to all from Studio 53 Entertainment! We are the producers of most of the reggae vibes coming out of Trinidad & Tobago right now! Entertainers like Khari Kill, Jah Bami, Isasha, Million Voice, Cutty, Zebulun, Ziggy Ranks, Mr. King, Jamelody, Levi Myaz, Daniel Bless, Ruben and so many more! We would love to make a musical contribution to this site but for any interested look us up!
20 March 2008 - Trinidad & Tobago

shakin' weld |
If you are in the mood for a great ska-night with Hungarian Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra as headliner on the 29th of march in Turnhout,north of Belgium ,we'll meet !
19 March 2008 - belgium

Robert Earle |
Re: your review of Sam Bailey's "Crying In The Rain", you said:

"Side A features Sam Bailey's fine rendition of Patsy Cline's all-time classic "Crying In The Rain""

There are dozens of recorded versions of "Crying In The Rain", but (sadly) none of them is by Patsy Cline.
13 March 2008 - USA

Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Thanks for pointing out this fault in the review. Have checked it again and found out that it's originally a song recorded by Roy Acuff.

Ian McCann
Many thanks for your comments about some of the CDs I have written the sleevenotes for -particularly the Derrick Harriott. Really appreciate that there are people like you out deh reading these things. Best wishes to all and keep up the sterling work you do for the greatest music in this world and the next.
one love, sincerely,
Ian McCann
25 January 2008 - UK

Patrick Lomodong |
yah man me dehyah big up to mr. t and the crew and shouts outs to reggae vibes production. nice vibes there playing , give de massive fire and pure nice cultural vibes.
from sudan to binghamton new york code 607
25 January 2008 - NY

RastaOne |
Hi Reggae Vibes,

You de best site I ever came upon! Keep it up and spread the Fyah.

30 December 2007 - Holland

How can I man get a copy of the Greensleeves sampler. I really enjoy this website.may JAH have many blessing
12 December 2007 - Houston Tx.

Ras Charles Jones |
Nuff Improvements on the site. Nuff RASPECT.Icerely,Ras Charles Jones,WHRW,Binghamton,NY
24 November 2007 - Binghamton,NY,USA

_dutty_ |
ey people !!!!
whats going with with the new album from SEAN PAUL ?!?!?!?!?!?
ya man blesssss up !!!!
does anyone know anything ?!?!?!?!
11 November 2007 - Germany

Tony P |
Im Going Back To My Roots.Reggae Music Is All That I Need (Lucky Dube)
22 October 2007 - London, UK

Aswad |
Does anyone know if Bob Marley ever had a song called John Crow must die?
I googled for it, but couldn't find it. By another group though, but ppl asked me that question, and I never heard of it.
Thnx sofar
14 October 2007 - Holland

nitroglicerin |
9 October 2007 - europe-romania-craiova

9 September 2007 - JAMAICA (SPAIN TOWN)

shingai |
big up all dem yut dem akcros the globe rasta.reggae vibes big up uno chest.
27 August 2007 - zimbabwe

shingai |
big up de man dem jah cure for real rasta.prison never get we down you understand.spraggas new tune a wicked for fire body pon me empress.
24 August 2007 - zimbabwe

Deccar Walker |
Good movement producers of reggae vibes. Keeping the Jamaicans abroad updated.
14 August 2007 - Cahokia, IL- USA

Mikeydan |
Boom Boom Brapppp!!! My toon I requested a play.

Guys, your site dem wicked, big up yoselves.

right now for my next selection.let's see how you fair with da next one :-)
13 August 2007 - Reading, UK

Krikon |
Realy dig the site you got going here, lotsa usefull info, keep it up.

Don't miss out on my blog i just started at

vybez-central.blogspot dotcom
11 August 2007 - USA (from Sweden originaly)

Ruud |
29 september, funny beach , Marbella, Spain, REGGAE SUNSPLASH SPAIN, be there.
12 July 2007 - Spanje

minx |
first time here !! Good vibes.Keep it up ! Jah bless
7 July 2007 - Jahmany

Jonathan LeBlanc |
This is the the return of the Upsetter Exchange.
25 June 2007 - Holland

gau-g |
thanks finest dancehall and reggae lists!!
big up!!
nuff respect
fi meditation soundsystem
24 June 2007 - switzerland

giorgia |
Very cool site!But nothing about italian reggae? wogiagia is my preferred italian reggae band
14 June 2007 - italy


27 April 2007 - AUSTRIA

Lady S |
wah gwan dis yah site boddd big up i love dis yah site keep doing yah thing
- Lady S aka sean paul's future wifey
17 April 2007 - Canada ---

Far East Massive |
Love the site, especially the reviews , which me check each weeks -- me cyan find any review in the magazine, and nuff a dem wanna sell the product so jus hype hype a lot of pure nonsense musics -- but reggae-vibes tell us the good AND the bad music on the record store shelf and dem nah shy to tell the truth about the records!

Big up ya status from the Far East massive in Seoul and Hiroshima !
16 April 2007 - Far East

rawsta |
Large up Reggae-Vibes !!!
I love your Site for years.
But i'd also like to promote our new Project called United-Massive net.
We want to build a international Reggae Community across all borders.
I hope you give us a Chance at United-Massive net
4 April 2007 - Germany


8 March 2007 - USA

Mya |
Big up uno a gwaan good
16 February 2007 - Florida

DoN DaDa |
Big up for all your work !
Di site is wicked !
Keep dweet tunes after tunes !!

7 February 2007 - Lille, France

jay D |
Big up 2 reggae vibes!!!
Big up 2 Teacher and Mr. T
keep on doin this good work
One love from Amsterdam
4 ever
13 January 2007 - Amsterdam Netherlands

Roon |
all the best wishes in disya newyear, Ites
to every-one who reads this
especially to Teacher and Mr. T
1 January 2007 - Netherlands

RasRichie |
Pick up for dis ja wa.Wicked site loads of good music on hand
Nice one
25 December 2006 - london City

dj majesty |
26 December 2006 - in one corner

jungle jim |
greetings teacher & mr.t
love the renovations.
have the 'you should know' video and interview 4 u
jungle jim

jah blessing eternally to u both
24 December 2006 - global earth

fx |
big up reggae vibes. would love to see more covrage and info bout the twin of twins
18 December 2006 - paris, france

antony gray |
big up the site keep coming back
17 December 2006 - mount vernon NY

Franklin |
Look out for di new kid on di block.

His first promo Album is OUT NOW!!!
17 December 2006 - The Netherlands

Sir Marcus |
Wicked site star i keep coming back peace and love rastafari
8 December 2006 - london uk

Roon |
dem Mighty Maytones a serious for ya Reggae Vibes dotcom, with dem Special at di Playlist. Love it!
25 November 2006 - Netherlands

Rukiyah Shani |
Thanks, I have found a true Reggae site, to listen to the wonderful sounds of a power music!
3 November 2006 - United States (Tucson)

m vybz |
apreciate the time ure taking and stuff to write reviews n stuff .

u have my blessings .

3 November 2006 - Sweden,

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