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    Kwabena Bempong |
    1. Rude Boy Shuffling by Gyptian A tune that inspires the youht to do something better for themselves instead of the gun thing even if you sell marijuana 2. Nothing to Smile About by Morgan Heritage this tune inspires me a lot when ever i lookat what is going on in the world and it deals with the real issues facing the youths in Jamaica and else where why should i skin me teeth when 'ave nothing to smile about. 3. Genocide by Queen Ifrica This tune is my number one for 2008 because it deals with babylon injustice against the world. 4. Serenity by Gentleman bus outta the Legal riddim Is a tune which which speaks about fearness 5. Life Precious Gift by Tarrus Riley This tune showns how he has shown his class it is about life the good things there off.
    23 July 2008 - Ghana

    Ras Planas |
    1-Dennis Brown - should i 2-Natural Black - nice it nice 3-Midnite - leaders be 4-Cocoa Tea- too young 5-Sizzla - Praise ye jah
    16 July 2008 - Puerto Rico

    Alicia |
    1. Hey girl- by Busy Signal 2. Money Changa- by Movado 3. Gully creepa- BY Elephant Man 4. Cock it up- by Beenie Man 5. Sort dem out- Demarcoft. Munga
    27 June 2008 - Miami, Flordia

    Ras Jahdor From Ghana 00233244411620 |
    1. Pressure Busspipe - Be Free 2.Tarrus Riley - Beware 3.Jacob Miller - Tenement Yard 4.Culture - Walk With Jah 5.Bob Nesta Marley - Positive Vibration
    26 June 2008 - Ghana, Accra

    Kalab Berhane |
    Meta and the Cornerstones- Forward Music Richie Spice- Gideon Boot Morgan Heritage- Mission in Progress Etana- The Strong One Buju Banton- Inna Hights
    20 June 2008 - New York New York

    Ras B Menelik |
    Glen Washington-Still going Strong for 2000 years they have kept us down, but by the breast of Jah I&I ride, STILL GOING STRONG Gregory Issacs- My Time "I DESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE, LIKE ANY OTHER MAN" Bob Marley- I know a place there is a vibrational solidarity that resonates in the SOUL FROM THIS BREDREN.JAH RAS TAFARI Richie Spice- Mind offa Mi Suffer not the children.This Bredren avidly will focus his attention on the youths, through them will you find JAH!!! Garnett Silk- Kingly Character like the tree that plant by the rivers of waters and gives forth fruit in due season Be Rooted in Justice and peace will go through.Live simply, Love generously, and THE KINGDOM WILL BE REVEALED!!! JAH RAS TAFARI
    28 May 2008 - Greensboro, North Carolina USA.YANKEE BOY

    Lijuma Ndunde |
    1. Big Youth - K.K.K. 2. Dennis Brown - Crazy List 3. Freddie Mcgregor - Big Ship 4. Gregory Isaacs - Out Deh 4. Israel Vibration - Middle East
    26 May 2008 - Kenya

    Lady Niceness |
    The Same Song - Israel VIbration, Everyone should be on the same righteous vibes, this just touches the soul and replenishes the spirit. Wicked Rule - Martin Campbell, One of the most righteous tunes ever, just feel free up! I've got a Joy - Fred Locks, This is what I have in my heart everytime, hope always Just one of those days - Sizzla. Now where would we be without Sizzla, keeping us strong She's Royal - Tarrus Riley, Maximun love and respect, one love
    25 May 2008 - England, Basingstoke

    my riz ruana |
    #1 Damian Marley Featuring Nas - Road To Zion #2 MARIJUANA richies spice #3 highter mediation anthony b #4 jamini bob #5 stickabush
    25 May 2008 - 357 patton ; FRANCE

    lier 317 |
    #1 richie spice rightous youths
    #2 anthony b cold feet
    #3 luciano alterior motive
    #4 al campbell rude dem a street again
    #5 bitty mclean walk away from love
    20 May 2008 - carson,ca

    MUSA |
    20 May 2008 - AMERICA

    defmaican |
    1 dr. alimantado - kill the barber. cult song !! brings me back in time.

    2 gregorys issaacs- teardrops. sweet voice, song remembers me of a friend who died too young. my favourite singer.

    3 supercat- don dadda. sean paul ??? supercat the originator !

    4 bunny wailer- boderation, once a wailer.

    5 u-roy- go ther natty. what must i say ????
    8 May 2008 - deventer holland

    Pedro Rios |
    1- Dennis Brown - here i come
    2- Bob marley - forever loving jah
    3- max romeo - birth of reggae music
    4- peter broggs - international farmer
    5- buju banton - me and oonu
    7 May 2008 - Portugal

    3 May 2008 - U/K

    sharene |
    demarco fallen soldiers

    movado rock

    movado brown bottle

    christopher martin donor

    demarco better jamaica
    23 April 2008 - puerto rico

    MASTA |
    1.Bob Marley-War
    no comment test it
    2.Love Is - Jah Cure
    no comment test it
    3.Tiken Jah Fakoly - Politiciens
    no comment test it
    4.Elijah Prophet - Piece Of Ganja
    no comment test it
    5.Junior Kelly - Black Woman
    no comment test it
    4 April 2008 - Germany

    dj xéxé |
    gregory isaacs- night nurse

    groundation- groundation chant

    dennis brown- revolution

    queen omega/capleton- WARNING (great voice.)

    bob marley: trechtown rock
    4 April 2008 - portoooooo

    Miring'u |
    1. Operation Kingfish -Richie Spice bad nuff tune
    2. Rastaman live up _ Bob Marley
    3. Blind to you- coolie budz
    4. Damage - Anthony B
    5. WOULD u - Mutabaruka
    28 March 2008 - Nairobi, Kenya

    mello |
    life percious gift- tarrus riley
    protect your neck-tarrus riley
    click my fingers-erupt
    miro chip-tarrus riley
    show me that you love me-lloyd brown
    20 March 2008 - london uk

    2) T.O.K ANY BWOY
    19 March 2008 - UK

    1- tell me how come-morgan heritage

    2- dry cry-sizzla

    3- the way you living-richie spice

    4- prove my love-junior kelly

    5- dem gone-gentleman
    7 March 2008 - SICILY

    Dennis |
    1-cutty ranks - limb by limb
    2-shabba ranks trailer load of girls
    3-mr vegas-hot wuk
    4-tok chi chi man
    5-redrat-buh a fire
    6 March 2008 - Holland

    Queen Aries |
    1- Beat 'n Beat 'n -Vybz Kartel
    2- Call The Ambulance- Vybz Kartel
    3- Woman I Need You- Sizzla
    4-This Time I Promise- Da'ville
    5-Beautiful girls- sen Kingston
    2 March 2008 - USA

    Mojoo |
    1--Nicodemus - Suzy Wong
    The one we still miss.Nickodemus on Stalag. This is pure dancehall!
    2--Assassin - Step Pon Dem
    Militairy rhythm.wickedest cut.Call out de infantery.
    3--Louie Culture - Rude Don't Fear
    Most underrated deejay.Who god bless no man me!
    4--Spice - Grab Yu Hood
    Little Spice with a brutal voice. Superb tune.
    5--Bunny General - This Is The Song
    Bunny and Tenasaw pon de case. Sleng Teng remake & murder in the dance.
    1 March 2008 - Sweden

    reggaethoughts |
    Bob Marley - Waiting in Vain
    Groundation-Silver Tongue Show
    Culture-Two Seven's Clash
    Israel Vibration-Strength of my life
    The Congos-Born Again
    24 February 2008 - Belgium

    kaye |
    collie buddz - mamacita
    george decker - ganja farma
    Ub40 - one in ten
    tony matterhorn-dutty whine
    mr vegas-hot wuk
    yeah deese tunes are too deep mon you get me. being antiguan every time i hear dem in da club i jus
    jump up and scream turn it up turn it.
    23 February 2008 - Antigua

    Masta |
    1.Bob Marley-War

    2.Love Is - Jah Cure

    3.Tiken Jah Fakoly - Politiciens

    4.Elijah Prophet - Piece Of Ganja

    5.Junior Kelly - Black Woman

    15 February 2008 - Remscheid Germany

    Reggae Revolt
    1. Richard ace - hang em high
    one of the undoubtly greatest hammond organ tunes ever!

    2. kingstonians - fun galore
    beautyfull vocals!

    3. maytones - call you up

    4. p. buster - all my loving

    5. nora dean - mojo girl
    5 February 2008 - switzerland

    josbelcongo |
    Mickey Dread & The Instigators 'Robbers'' Roost' b-side to Edi Fitzroy 's Country Man" 45 inch on Dreat at the controls records
    Classic 45 from JBC's dj/artist Michael Campbell

    Meditation "Stranger in Love" /Charlie Chaplin "Ann Marie" 12 inch Wambesi

    Alton Ellis "Wise Bird"/Struggle and The Tamlins "Beautifull Bride" 12 inch Narrow Records Castro Brown Production

    Tamlins "seasons for Girls"/"Best Thing in Life" 12 inch Hawkeye Production: A. Clarke

    The Gladiators "Miss Jones" / George Nooks "Light up your Spliff" 12 inch TR recordings production: Tony Robinson.
    2 February 2008 - somewhere between Kingston and Kinshasa

    sandy |
    Jimmy Cliff- "Bongo man a come" a spiritual song that just takes you a place of peace with the beat of the drums

    Bob Marley- "Redemption Song" still relevant after all these years, black people need to realize that we control our own destiny

    Beres Hammond- "Putting up resistance" whenever the pressures of life start to get you down and you need a little motivation you can always turn to Beres

    Tarrus Riley- "Where does your happiness lay?" this song just causes you to stop and think about life

    Buju Banton- "Untold Stories" from the best regggae album released in the 1990's, this song has to be in my top 5 because as the singer says" the full story has never been told"
    28 January 2008 - md, usa

    diego |
    alborosie : promise
    lutan fyah : irie ites special
    kymani marley ft. alborosie :burnin and lootin
    black uhuru : sponji reggae
    richie spice :brown skin
    26 January 2008

    Dettie |
    dry cry - sizzla
    (wicked tune)

    tell her your sorry - gregory isaacs
    (it makes things a lil easier sometimes)

    its a pity - tanya stephens
    (life lesson)

    angel eyes - beres hammond
    (a person's eyes say a lot about them)

    coming over tonight - cherine anderson & richie spice
    (sexy love tune)
    11 January 2008 - Brooklyn, NY

    Guillaume Bougard |
    Top 5 Reggae - Non Bob Marley
    1. Gregory Isaacs - Once Ago
    2. Peter Tosh - Equal Rights
    3. Abyssinians - Satta Massa Gana
    4. Third World - 96 in the shade
    5. Rico - Man from Wareika
    8 January 2008 - Paris France

    tamara from brooklyn |
    destiny-buju bantan this song for me is really a reality and i can really relate to it.

    beenieman- haters and fools

    lady saw-dial tone

    bod marley-who the cap fit this song is so very true alot of people sit around and talk with u and behind u they want the worst for you.

    bounty killer-anytime
    6 January 2008 - broklyn new york

    Delmi |
    1. Khari Kill - Humble
    2. Bounty Killer - I'm who i'am
    3. Sizzla - Praise ye Jah
    4. Black Uhuru - Guess who's coming to dinner
    5. Junior Reid - One blood
    6 January 2008 - Como, Italy

    JAHU |
    my top.
    2 January 2008 - POLAND

    samone |
    hell no delly ranks
    cant wuk me no more tanya stephens
    wine up pon it elephant man
    chase money macka diamond
    buss my gun anthony b
    1 January 2008 - bahamas

    Dork |
    Luv Fyah & Million 7 - What Dem Say
    Label: Million 7 Sound
    Year: 2007
    The album "Ethiopia We Belong" is THE SURPRISE of 2007. Luv Fyah isn't the star on the album but the stellar productions (great horns, nice dubby sounds)
    Natural Black - You Should Take Advice
    Label: Cousins Records
    Year: 2007
    2007 is the year of Natural Black. He released a lot this year but every album has been really good. I can't help but playing this song alot this year.
    Empress Cherisse - Love & Honor
    Label: Vibrance The Arts
    Year: 2007
    From the VI (read: soulfull & easy-going). They already calling her the 'Sade of Reggae' on the VI. Time will tell ;-)
    Cocoa Tea - Don't Tell Lie
    Label: Minor7Flat5
    Year: 2007
    The riddims on this album are nothing new, but they are fitting like a glove with Cocao Tea's lyrics
    Junior Kelly - Tough Life
    Label: Greensleeves
    Year: 2007
    If you are buying one reggae album a year you should consider "Bobo Revolution". This is one of the many highlights on the album.
    30 December 2007 - Netherlands

    Steppa |
    The Crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Brown--Whip them Jah Jah. It is very hard to just select one tune from him. His music speaks for it self, so powerful nuff said.

    U-Roy--Rule The nation. One of the pioneers of doncehall you have to pay tribute to one of the legends of the game. Respect!!!

    Beres Hammond--Can't stop a man. This tune is one of so many great hits.Bere's come's like the Jamaican Marvin Gaye, When you fall off the horse he can help you pick yourfself back up and get it going least for me.Big up!!!

    Buju Banton--Driver. If it's culture or doncehall Buju just keep me going.

    Jah Cure--Jah Jah Bless Me. Who Jah Bless no man curse. Finally peolple can see him live and know what it means never to give up your dreams. When I feel stress coming over me I can play this tune and know I'm gonna make it through cause I've been swimming through shizzle all my life and I ain't gonna stop and drown now. One Love Brethren
    17 December 2007 - Brooklyn,NY (Roots from Bermuda)

    sheridan kamara aka loonatick |
    busy signal --- protect me

    busy signal --- gun inna hand

    busy signal --- real hot head

    busy signal --- dem so evil

    busy signal --- man strap
    14 December 2007 - london england memba say

    andrew holder |
    terry linen
    max romeo pray for me album
    lee perry blackboard jungle (the origina)l
    sizzla africa prepare
    tanya stephens.
    13 December 2007 - london brixton sw1 or dalston east london junction

    munga - gangsta do dem own ting
    busy & mavado - badman place
    jah cure - sticky
    turbulence - love at first sight
    voicemail - sadiki
    13 December 2007 - Germoney

    lagodiloz |
    Alborosie & Sizzla - Meditation
    Bob Marley - Ambush in the night
    Culture - Why I am a rastaman
    Morgan Heritage - A man is still a man
    Burning Spear - Jah River
    12 December 2007 - Netherland

    Mr Quick |
    Bitty McLean - Let Them Talk
    Bob Marley - Ride Natty Ride
    Gregory Isaacs - Hush Darling
    Gladiators - Can you imagine how I feel
    Sly & Robbie - Unlimited Taxi
    3 December 2007 - Paris

    Addis Anbessa |
    Richie Spice- The world is a cycle.
    Midnite- Grounds.
    Gladiators- Jah works.
    Israel Vibration- Licks and kicks.
    Bob Marley- Burning and Looting.
    1 December 2007 - Spain

    kelly |
    caan grind good Lady Saw
    i know Jah Jah bless me Jah Cure
    couldnt be the girl for me Terry Linen
    big ninja bike Tanya Stephens
    no woman no cry Bob Marley
    29 November 2007 - the bahamas

    Ras Noel |
    Bob Marley - Forever Loving Jah- 'Greatest reggae track from the greatest reggae artist ever. The track grows everytime you listen to it, real spiritual reggae the way the music is intended.

    Jah Cure - Sunny Day - 'This track brings out the best of Jah Cure's voice, pure and raw at the same time. Real concious roots and reggae from the new skool. One of the greatest reggae singers from our time, and free again!

    Buju Banton - Negus Negast - 'A great spiritual track from the greatest and most versatile reggae artist from Jamaica. From old skool dancehall to the latest Too Bad album, from roots reggae to new skool reggae music. Still running the charts and reggae/dancehall music, legend Buju Banton.

    Dennis Brown - Love and Hate - 'The crownprince of reggae, riding a lovely riddim. The way dancehallparty used to be. Stricly niceness!

    Damien Marley, Stephen Marley and Capleton - It was written - 'The fire keeps blazing red hot, when the prophet and Marley's son's gather for this great track. Rasta message and pure wisdom spoken on this track.

    Jah bless!
    24 November 2007 - Amsterdam (Ganja City) / The Netherlands

    Kerry McKenzie |
    "Not Far From Sunshine" by Lenn Hammond
    Why? Because it's a very soulful Reggae Love Song!

    "Stronger" by Fantan Mojah
    Why? Because it motivates me each day, when I feel like the "system" is trying to keep me down!

    "Friends" by Fantan Mojah
    Why? Because without really good friends in this world, some of us would surely perish!

    "Dancing Fest" by Little Pinch
    Why? Because he's a unique kind of artiste, who coincidentally is a Jamaican Policeman who exercises a different kind of "Community Policing" by incorporating music. I've never quite seen that before.

    "Blaze" by D'Angel
    Why? Because she's so determined to be successful, and the song is true for all the "hot" girls, out there.

    21 November 2007 - Portmore, Jamaica

    Lisa |
    1. Just A Simple Man - Jermaine Fagan
    2. Longing For - Jah Cure
    3. Come Around - Collie Budz
    4. Living In The Ghetto - Jermaine Fagan
    5. Praise He Jah - Sizzla

    I love them all beacause they promote a positive vibe.

    19 November 2007 - Jamaica

    _dutty_ |
    Sean Paul - Gimme The Light

    Bob Marley - One Love

    Sean Paul - Deport Them

    Bob Marley - Dub Feeling

    Sean Paul - Shake That Thing
    11 November 2007 - Germany

    1. Satisfy My Soul - Bob Marley &The Wailers

    2. One Blood - Junior Reid

    3. Serve Jah - Luciano

    4. Ganja Farmer - Marlon Asher

    5. Hand Cart Bwoy - Perfect
    10 November 2007 - Wrong I Land, NY

    Greggo |
    1. Stepping Razor - Peter Tosh
    2. Forward Eva - Jabob Miller
    3. Satta Amasa Gana - Abyssians
    4. Warr Buss - Bounty Killa
    5. Me again Jah - Luciano
    9 November 2007 - MIA

    Skylarkin_Gal |
    1. There she goes - Ziggy Marley
    One of the best covers from Bob.

    2. Skylarking - Horace Andy
    Always makes me wanna stop anything i'm doing and go find me one.

    3. Marijuana - Israel Vibration

    4. Crabs in my pants - Dillinger
    Funny. Listen with friends.

    5. Reggae para los amigos - Intoxicados
    Para los rastamanes latinos, super pegao, volao, todas las manos. Valle del Elqui, Chile
    8 November 2007 - Chile

    Warrior King - Can't Get Me Down
    An uplifting song in which people of all religions can share.

    Yellowman - One Yellow Man
    King Yellowman! Nothing more to say.

    Peter Tosh - I Am That I Am
    Classic Tosh! The original rebel. These lyrics will move you.

    Volton Craiggie - By His Deeds
    "By his deeds shall a man be known" - rules to live by

    Damian Marley - Khaki Suit
    The new king reggae lyricist. Can't get this song outta my head.

    Reggae music is from the people and speaks to the people. It can move mountains.
    6 November 2007 - Destin, Florida

    Vince |
    1) Capleton - jah jah city

    2) Ken Boothe - speak softly love

    3) Ras Shiloh - who can't hear

    4) Buju Banton - tribal war

    5) Buju Banton - Brighter Tomorrow
    3 November 2007 - France

    Kendra |
    28 October 2007 - CALIFORNIA

    Kwame |
    1) Bob Marley - Natural Mystic

    It carries within the essence of natural reggae - one of the best by the Legend.

    2) Mungo's Hi Fi - Belly Ska

    Quite rare ska tune, but brilliant in making you move your body.

    3) Benjamin Zephaniah - Rong radio station

    One of the most poetically rebellious songs - listen to the lyrics!!!

    4) Beenie Man - Hmm hmm

    Vocally and rhytmically very engaging. Jumping.

    5) Rupee - Tempted to Touch

    I'm tempted to listen to this song.
    26 October 2007 - Estonia

    Tony P |
    1) Bob Marley - Rastaman Live Up
    2) Lucky Dube - Prisoner
    3) Lucky Dube - Back To My Roots
    4) Barrington Levy - Under Me Sensi
    5) Shaggy Feat. Kymani Marley - Thank You Lord
    22 October 2007 - LONDON

    Kevin |
    WAILERS: Ambush In The Night

    CAPLETON: Who Dem

    SIZZLA: Words Of Divine

    BUJU: Untold Stories

    LUCIANO: Give Praise
    14 October 2007 - PA - USA

    Ganjah K |
    Revolution - E-Dee & Irie Love - new version old riddim - pure fiyah
    Squeeze har breast - movado - the lyrics say it all
    bad from mi born - munga - more fiyah
    Something for you - Jr Gong - concious dancehall
    book of life - I-wayne - lyrical fire
    12 October 2007 - Los Angeles, CA

    parris |
    1. sean kingston
    2.mungo-mad from me born
    3.Beenie man -back it up
    4.hottaball vs Mr vegas-iy iy slow wine
    5.t-pain vs akon-buy ya a drank
    12 October 2007 - jamaica

    Chinna |
    5. Jacob Miller - Tired Fi Lick Weed ( One of the Greatest Reggae Artist - Originator of the personal echo camber ) How U mean, Choa

    4. Alton Ellis - If I Could Rule The World ( Rock Steady Captain - When He was in great pain real rockers were manifested.) Too many big tune fi list

    3. JC Lodge - Someone Loves You Honey ( One of the greatest JA anthems )

    2. Super Cat - Under Pressure ( True Don of Ghetto reality - Catilus Bad fi True, Star )

    1. Beres Hammond - Tempted To Touch ( Father of Reggae - Hit after Hit, Still making great reggae music )
    Song was made by a producer telling Beres he lost it, just then a sexy little thing walk thru the studio and Boom! - "Hey little girl each time you pass my way I am tempted to touch. BOOOOOM Muisc Is Life, I'Ya.

    5 October 2007 - Miami, Florida

    Empress Mojah |
    Bob Marley-WAR
    Sizzla-Solid as a Rock
    Buju Banton- Hill & Valleys
    Capleton-Toppa Tings
    Jah Cure-Only You
    28 September 2007 - St. Thomas, Jamaica & USA

    vijay |
    alborosie - herbalist
    capleton- jah protect us
    collie buddz- blind to you
    bugle- what im gonna do
    busy- the days
    25 September 2007 - NEW YORK!!!!

    Genral |
    1. One Drop - Bob Marley "We know Jah never lets us down." wow - inspirational lyrics, rocking melody, one of the ultimate "feel good, singalong" tunes EVER.
    2. Revolution - Dennis Brown. One of the most used reggae riddims ever, the Crown Prince on vocals, strong message - what more can you ask for?
    3. Traffic Blocking - General Degree - another crowd favourite - wherever and whenever it is played it gets a response - a tribute to all gals who can "block traffic"
    4. Tune In - Gregory Isaacs. time to grab your girl and hold her real tight - one othe ultimate rub a dub tunes in my opinion.
    5. Christopher Columbus - Burning Spear - One of the key things about reggae in whatever form is that it carries a message and there is none more important than this one - when history books are distorted and children are taught a lie, reggae will tell the truth and set the story straight - christopher columbus is a "damn blasted liar"
    21 September 2007 - United kingdom

    GiGiO |
    1 - Bounty Killer - Poor People

    2 - Chuck Fenda - Gwaan Plant

    3 - Ginjah - My Black Queen

    4 - Anthony B. - Reggae Gone pon top

    5 - Sizzla - Thanks and praise

    It's so hard to choose only 5 songs.
    However these are very BiG BiG TuNeS !!!
    17 September 2007 - ITALY

    Nils Steinhilb |
    1.Richie Spice - Open the door

    2. Richie Spice - Youth dem cold

    3.Everton Blender - Ghetto people song

    4.Burning Spear - Spear Burning - Live at Zenith, Paris

    5.Tiken Jah Fakoly - Discrimination

    These songs are the Top 5 from my 12 year old son Nils. He started listening to Reggae Music on his very first earth day. With the Music from Burning Spear he went to sleep, because he loved the bass line so much. Richie Spice is his favourite singer, because of the singers "Nana nana neene woih". Tiken Jah Fakoly is his favourite African Reggae Singer and Everton Blender´s Ghetto song is his number three, because it reminds him on his meeting with Mr.Blender at last years Chiemsee Reggae Summer 2006.
    15 September 2007 - Germany

    iMark |
    1. Tarrus Riley - She's Royal


    3.Horace Andy - Holy Mount Zion (Ft. King Kong)

    4.Mykal Rose -Nuggets

    5.Jah Mason - Life is Just A Journey

    Bless reggae music King David 4eva
    15 September 2007 - Aotearoa - New Zealand

    Cone |
    1 elephant man - no smell

    2 mavado - me and ma dogs

    3 alboroise - kingston town

    4 mikal rose - shoot out

    5 tok - report to the dancefloor
    8 September 2007 - spain - catalonia

    Alberto Bellotti aka Abe |
    1. Welcome to Jamrock - Damian "JR. Gong" Marley
    2. Destiny - Buju Banon
    3. Zimbawe - Bob Marley
    4. No More Weapons - Steel Pulse
    5. Dennis Brown - Joy in The Morning
    8 September 2007 - Italy Brescia

    1. Beenie Man - Back It Up
    2. Munga - Bad From Mi Born (Sativa a.k.a. Floating By Riddim)
    3. Sizzla - Too Much Gang War (Gang War Riddim)
    4. Mavado - Touch the Road
    5. Vybz Kartel - Wine Pan U (Raging Bull Riddim)
    7 September 2007 - Italy

    Ulla |
    John Holt - Police In Helicopter - A true anti-babylon anthem, that sums the whole war up with a great metaphor.

    Beenie Man - Out A Breath - It's tunes like this that prove to me again and again that Beenie really is the king of dancehall. Chose this particular one just because it's the latest.

    Bob Marley & The Wailers - Sun Is Shining - This song represents for me the purest essence of enjoying life - a laid-back feeling of mid-summer.

    Vybz Kartel - Math Class - A great one to demonstrate the incredibly unique and versatile voice of Vybz and his impeccable ability to match his vocals with riddims.

    Elephant Man - Log On - I overlook the violent message and enjoy the song's grim feeling and exciting vocal rythm for what it is. A great one to dance to.
    7 September 2007 - Tallinn, Estonia

    fabi |
    1. Gentleman - Fire ago bun dem

    2. Bob Marley and The Wailers - Slave Driver

    3. Jimmy Cliff - the harder they come

    4.Sizzla - why

    5.Iriepathie - Hand zum Himmel
    7 September 2007 - Germany

    Jah Poider |
    1. 1. Garnett Silk - Hold On
    - It's a great singer with so much feeling!
    2. 2. Mr.Easy - Strangest Things
    - A dancehall artist with a great reggae tune!
    3. 3. Anthony B & Jah cure - Poorman's Cry
    - Two great artists with a wicked tune!
    4. 4. Richie Spice - Always On My Mind
    - A massive roots artist, and he sings with so much feeling!
    5. 5. I Wayne - Life Is Easy
    - Great tune and a wicked voice!

    6 September 2007 - Netherlands

    25 August 2007 - connecticut

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