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    kin ras Jastino |
    Love is .- Garnet Silk
    Love is - Jah Cure
    Bless my room- nazizi "necessary noize"
    Better be poor than a rich man's son, why worry in a Ghetto- Unkown.
    Ganja farmer-

    24 August 2007 - one Tiii Dat oooh Dot, Kianada

    Sasquatch |
    Chuck Fenda: Gash Dem: It tough!!!!!!
    Jr. Gong: Move!!!! Ain't Got No Soul If this One Can't Get You Bouncin'
    Beenie Man: Bossman. Makes the women shakin' it every time
    Max Romeo & the Upsetters: I Chase The Devil. Great timeless classic!!!!
    Mighty Mystic: Better Times. Great song from the area who has burst upon the scene.

    23 August 2007 - Boston, USA

    Thrisha |
    jah cure-to your arms of love
    natural black- stubborn woman
    daville- heaven
    tanya stephen- these street
    gyptian- beautiful lady
    23 August 2007 - ct

    lady_princess |
    1.D' Angel feat Vybz kartel-Baby Father

    2.Glen washington- Still going Strong

    3.Sean Kingston-Me Love

    4.Beres Hammond feat Buju Banton- I Wish

    5.Sanchez-one in million

    **These tune will get you through the days**
    14 August 2007 - Toronto, Canada

    Deccar Walker |
    1. Youths dem Ballin out (aka More Justice)- Junior Gong
    - The youths are in need and they are being neglected.
    2. Possess- Baby Cham
    - Life is simple we need not to turn against others. There should be love.
    3. Jah Jah City- Capleton
    -Jamaica. Political warfare start all this injustice.
    4. Rat Race- Bob Marley
    - I do support the perspective that there is race for a destination for money and territorial/ material possessions. Life is more essential than that.
    5. Haters and Fools-Beenie Man
    - Our society don't need these type of personalities we are better than this.

    Jamaica music is one of the biggest motivator for me. And we can leanr through the words of these wise men/women (artists). Jah Bless our industry forever.
    14 August 2007 - Cahokia-IL USA- Originally from ST. Thomas, Jamaica

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Thanks for this nice selection and sharing your thoughts with the Reggae Massive World-Wide!

    junglist |
    buju banton - wanna be loved
    bob marley - easy shanking
    beenie man - cool cool rider
    capleton - rise
    pato banton - groovin
    13 August 2007 - devon . england

    nando boom |
    9 August 2007 - cxartagena colombia

    Tempo |
    hype tunes

    1. Capleton - Log In

    2. Buju Banton - Magic City

    3. Capleton - Crazy Looks

    4. Sizzla - Nah Suffer

    5. Capleton - Bun Dung Dreadie
    8 August 2007 - Limon, Costa Rica

    Josbelcongo |
    1. Waiting in the Park The Chantells/Jah Berry Phase ONE 12"
    2. Stop Crying The Silvertones (Thanks to Reggae vibes Crew) St 1"12"
    3. Disco Devil/Keep on Movign A+B side Lee Perry/Bob Marlye Upsetter 12 "
    4. My Number One Gregory Isaacs/I-Roy GG Records 12"
    5 Shout for Freedom Jimmy Cliff and OK Jazz Shout for Freedom cd
    25 July 2007 - between Kingston and Kinshasa

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Hi Jos..Some wicked vintage entries!

    1. jacob miller--false rasta

    2.sizzla--love ah di way

    3. dennis brown--when i am down

    4, luciano--tell it from the heart

    5. sizzla--tafari

    A just Jah we a praise everyday Selah!!!!!
    23 July 2007 - London,UK

    Jah Love |
    Alaine - Sacrifice
    Alaine - Rise in love
    Richie Spice - the world
    Buju Banton - Nothing
    Buju Banton - Your night tonight
    9 July 2007 - Dakar/Senegal/ West Africa

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Senegal Massive..Yu Large!

    26 June 2007 - ARLINGTON,TEXAS (USA)

    Gau-G |
    1.tanya stephens-no more

    2.johnny osbourne-we need love

    3.sizzla-im not sure

    4.jungle-gun town

    5.desmond decker-israelites
    24 June 2007 - Switzerland

    Goodas Gyal |
    1.mungo-bad from mi born


    3. vbyz kartel-whine pon yu weh yu self

    5.movado-amazing grace
    9 June 2007 - philly

    michael brown |

    mungo-bad from mi born

    movado-amazing grace


    sean paul-never gonna be the same
    5 June 2007 - jamaica

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   HI Michael,

    Thanks for the Top 5. Sean Paul..BIG TUNE!

    Picture Man |
    5. Wayne Marshall-Fine Girl
    A great talent inna de dancehall.tune pon de Trifecta riddim.

    4. Sizzla-Lead You Astray
    Remiksed Sizzla licking R.Kelly's 'Snake' chune.

    3.Capleton And Morgan Heritage-Behold
    Roots by two of the best!

    2. Bob Marley & the Wailers-Caution
    From the past.haunting classic by Bob, Peter and Bunny.

    1. Wayne Marshall-Weed Anthem
    Wayne Ganja chune around!
    5 June 2007 - Germany

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Germany embraces reggae for a long time. Wicked selection!

    irielion |
    Pinchers - Bandelero
    Peter Tosh - Reggaemylitis
    Cocoa Tea - Rip & Runoff
    Mr. Easy - Strangest Thing
    Desmond Dekker - Fu Manchu

    Runner Up - Max Romeo - War Ina Babylon
    19 May 2007 - Kuwait

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Yo Kuwait Massive 'n Crew..Gems from the past.Thanx!

    Mama ASID |
    Edi Fitzroy & Sizzla - Princess Black
    Bankraft - Perception
    Horace Martin - Repartrian
    Mr Bertus - Friday Lover
    Chezidek - Fire Woman
    18 May 2007 - In The Trenches of Motown

    15 May 2007 - Bronx, NY10456

    Ms. Jackson |
    Stookie- QQ

    BUJU Banton- Driver A

    Bushman- Fire burn

    Sanchez- Missing you

    Beenie man- remix the chaka chaka

    These are some of the tunes you can vibe to.!!!
    4 May 2007 - Toronto, Canada

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Thanks for the VibeZ out of Toronto!

    Caroline |
    Daville: This time I promise
    Nice tune with beautiful lyrics. Good singer. Just awesome!

    Lukie D: Missing you
    Also good lyrics and music. (Old school riddim)

    Tanya Stephens: Little white lie
    Very touching song.

    Glen Washington: If loving you is wrong
    In one word "wonderful"

    Freddie McGregor: Just don't want to be lonely
    No words necessary
    9 April 2007 - Amersfoort, The Netherlands

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Hi Caroline..Thanx for your selection!

    bastarix |
    Babylon you are falling!!!
    2.Bob Marley-Sun is Shining
    FIRE!!! one of the most beautiful riddim
    3.Burning Spear- Jah no dead
    .in front of the sea.with a spliff.
    4.Natural BlackJ-ah Will Never Leave Us
    Big Artist.Big Respect
    5.Richie Spice- Groovin' my girl
    31 March 2007 - Italy

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Yo Italy..thanx for your lovely list!

    Mya |
    Hula Hoop-Macka Diamond
    Hot Wuk-Elephant Man
    Hot Wuk-Mr.Vegas
    Beautiful Lady- Gyptian
    30 March 2007 - St.Mary, Jamaica------------Straight,you don kno

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Big Up to the St.Mary Posse.

    alpheus |
    This is my current top 5

    1.tarrus riley-battlefield
    great artist with a nice unique voice and fresh sound,poinient delivery,the tune is sure up reality,i love it,the riddim is mixed sooo well.the way we get the bright horns and drum only on intro and the lead in after wid da bass ,gwaan!!

    2.roger robin-for life
    nice tune ,you can really feel the sentiment of the artist and the story,heartfelt.The texture of his voice on this song is great.

    3.natural black-nice it nice
    what a great tune,the hook the melody the story ,naturals voice,everyting,he caan do notten wrong right now.period

    4.morgan heritage-have no fear
    the chorus in this song is wicked,good lyrics as usual from morgan heritage,nice bright well produced tune.

    5.2face adibia-african queen
    this is an infectious well sung tune,the way a tune should be written ,with a hook that is intent on touching you and reminding you,they way he sings this is true and sincere,great melody everyting.

    8 March 2007 - usa

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Yes Alpheus...Thanks for the Good Vibez!

    squeeze |
    culture--we deh yah still
    gladiators--sweet so til
    sizzla--true love
    rasites--high grade
    big mountain--rastaman

    why?---because a strictly roots and culture we a deal wid everytime--praise Jah and live
    2 March 2007 - london,uk

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Big Up London Massive! It's all about Roots'n'Culture!

    kemar |
    praises in strange places- ijahman
    throw down your arms- the maytones
    christopher columbus- little roy
    dont let babylon use you- fred locks
    old tattoo- culture
    anyone who knows these tunes will know that these are sung from the pit of the heart and soul, love these more than mamas food. big up to the reggae vibes crew, forward. and bless up to every nation.


    15 February 2007 - in my yard

    Rajah |
    --Ranking Dread - Poor Man Story 12 inch --
    A true roots tune with heavy bassline, great lyrics.

    -- Hugh Mundell - Jah Fire --
    Love the unique voice of Mundell, on this tune he is praising jah in a wicked tune
    the whole album is a classic!

    --Roots Natty - Jah Rastafari--
    Reggae band from Porto Rico, you don't here from then often.
    Great sing-a-long tune

    --Wayne Wade - Lord Of Lords --
    A classic roots tune, thats all i can say

    --Horace Andy & Lone Ranger - Cuss Cuss --
    The original song from Horace Andy is already sweet but Lone Ranger just add's that finishing touch to the tune!

    12 February 2007 - netherlands

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Massive roots selection. Bless and Thanx!

    drummie |
    Black Uhuru - shine eye gal

    Luciano - sweep over my soul

    Deborahe Glasgow - the mind is willing

    Eric Donaldson - original cherry oh baby

    Peter Broggs - international farmer
    2 February 2007 - germany

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Yo Drummie..thanks for the nice selection!

    Zionist |
    Dennis Brown - Deliverance Will Come. One of the most achingly beautfiul sufferah's tracks ever, with Dennis in rare form.

    Black Roots - Juvenile Delinquent. As hard and cold as the streets of Brixton.

    Five Nights of Bleeding - LKJ. Great poet in top form ("Knives as sharp as the eyes of hate") and a brutal, menacing riddim.

    Gladiators - Pocket Money. Haunting track, pure old testament fire and brimsotne

    Sizzla - Kings of the Earth. Pure fya of more recent vintage.

    22 January 2007 - USA

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Hi Zionist..It's nice to see a LKJ tune here!

    monique |
    vybz kartel-no apology
    straight up we nuh support man to man nor womanto woman
    vybz kartel-duppy we mek
    bad man ting
    spragga benz-you a faggot and we done see it
    a awnser him a awnser faggot correction
    vybz kartel-faggot correction
    him a throw word fi spragga
    vybz kartel-school girl don't **** in a the school bus
    singing somthing decent
    31 December 2006 - maryland

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Strictly Vybz Kartel business.well ..almost..Thanx Monique

    Sacha |
    Top Slackness Dancehall Tunes

    I know Vybz KArtel and all dem young guys running the dancehall scene these days with their slackness tunes but I'm an ole school gyal - they learned from the best. Check it out - my favorite slackness dancehall tunes:

    1. Mad Cobra - Flex
    Mad tune . thats all I can say about this one

    2. Shabba - Love punanny bad
    Straight to da point - not surprised to hear Kartel on a remix of this one - because Kartel seem to like punanny bad too

    3. Red Foxx - No Punny Tonight
    lol - when i really really listened to this song i just had to shake my head. pure slackness. i like it

    4. Lady Saw - Can't Grind Good
    you done know - lady saw

    5. General Degree - When I hold You Tonight
    Classic degree

    so many others . dickie, slam,position,kill the bitch, cellular phone,
    etc etc
    29 December 2006 - CA

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Yo Sacha..XXX Rated Chunes..Old SKool best.

    Smoking Joe |
    Smoke these herb tunes!

    John Holt - Police In Helicopter.
    A wicked tune across a rugged Roots Radics riddim from a singer who is mainly known as Jamaica's finest interpreter of love ballads.

    Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer.
    A hard-hitting song that brought this singer from Trinidad & Tobago international recognition. Still giving this 45 regular spins.

    Alborosie - Herbalist.
    This former member of Italian reggae band Reggae National Tickets is now based in Jamaica where he created quite a bit of excitement and controversy with this tune. Great song!!

    Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi.
    Herb smoker's anthem from 1984 and popular again in 1990 when a rebuilt cut with Beenie Man was released. Two decades after its initial release it's still great to listen to one of Levy's best tunes.

    Vivian Jones - Sensi Makes My Brown Eyes Red.
    Don't know if this one has ever seen an official release, but this wonderful rendition of Crystal Gayle's Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue is the perfect tune to light up another spliff.
    28 December 2006 - Holland

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Light a Spilff and relax..

    Late 80s/early 90s Dancehall edition

    Shabba Ranks -- Just be good me (with Rebel Princess & Cocoa Tea)

    Why: No artist can roll on a riddim like Shabba and on what I consider his best album, this is my favorite track. I also love the version at the end.

    Ninjaman – Number 1 (Test the High Power)

    Why: The best soundboy tune of all time. The first 45 seconds give me goose bumps. Finally, as with most of Ninja’s materials during this timeframe, the lyrics are extremely clever.

    Tony Rebel – Fresh Vegetable.

    Why: From the sing-dj that inspired the conscious dancehall movement, this track shows Tony Rebel at his best. And the one-drop “Love I Can Feel” version reflects everything that was good at the Penthouse label in the early 90s.

    Cutty Ranks – The Stopper

    Why: Cutty’s pounding, relentless delivery infused energy into every song. This cut, with the hip-hop infused punanny riddim, was his best.

    Super Cat – Sweets for my Sweets

    Why: A perfect blend of a very harmonic one-drop riddim and Super Cat’s almost monotone style.
    21 December 2006 - Seattle Washington

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   BiG Tunes here !

    shaka kev |
    Nasio - New Song
    Nasios concious lyrics and unique vocal stylings is refreshing in this age of rapping and riddims in reggae music.

    Bob Marley - Jump Nyabinghi
    It's Bob, 'nuff said

    Rebelution - Safe and Sound
    A young reggae/rock band out of So. California. They are still rough around the edges but got it right with this song.

    Gentleman - Send a Prayer
    Anyone with a mother will love this song. The music and lyrics go together like peanut butter and jelly.

    Jimmy Cliff - Sunrise
    A perfect title for a perfect morning song. When I thing of reggae music this is one of the songs that pop into my mind. It's hard not to smile when you hear this song.
    21 December 2006 - Big Island, Hawaii

    Reggae Vibes Crew reply :   Good choice..nuff conscious vibez.

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