The concert was held in one of Tivoli's locations in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I had never been there but it reminded me of the Paradiso in Amsterdam and it was the first concert venue I have been where if you where in the smoking room you could still follow the concert. There also was a support act (Danakil) which would start off the concert and set the vibe right before pupa Albo would come on stage. I arrived a few minutes before 8:30pm, the time the concert should begin according to the ticket. Then at 20:30 Danakil kicked off immediately. It was a bit of a surprise to me 'cause I'm used to wait about half an hour for the artist to show up. It was a pleasant surprise that Danakil also brought an artist with them. His name is Natty Jean, a young and upcoming artist from Senegal.
Since I already knew Danakil's music a bit, I remembered that Natty Jean and them did a few tunes together. And I was right, they did a few tunes together. One of them the famous "Free", and of course Danakil did there famous song "Non, je ne regrette rien" which both were nice performed by the band. You could hear that the band is also part of Danakil, it was executed almost perfect. They played for a respectable 40 minutes. Because Danakil brought there own band, the light and sound people had to set up everything again for Alborosie's band. This took some time, about 40 minutes. Then Alborosie came on stage while singing "Enter The Kingdom Of Zion", a fine tune to start off with!
Determined to make a good entrance he started off with some killer tunes like: "No Cocaine", "Waan The Herb" & "Herbalist". After setting the mood it was time for what the concert was intended to be, promoting the new album. To name a few "Camilla", "Respect" & "Jezus Is Coming". A few songs later Alborosie switched to some Ska music and said Rotterdam challenged us to a dance off. We had to perform well, otherwise we would be laughed at on Youtube. Thinking we probably lost I went to check Youtube for a video of Rotterdam's Ska performance. After trying some searches I came to the conclusion that there was no video of it to be found. LOL.
One of the female vocal singers took the stage and still being in a Ska-ish mood she started singing a version of Millie Small's 'My Boy Lollipop'. Nicely performed I must say! Pupa took the stage again and did a few more tunes including "Rolling Like A Rock" after which he went off stage for a while. The drummer saw his chance and quickly picked up the mic and started doing "Murderer" by Barrington Levy, which he did very convincing! Awesome! Alborosie was not pleased and took back the mic and did a few more songs like: "Can't stand it + dub" and "International Drama". I would have never thought to hear "International Drama" live with the part of Giuseppe Tarantino actually being done. It was not as good as Giuseppe, but it was almost right. Around 11pm the concert was finished and it was exactly what I had expected. A good promotion of the new album with a mix of famous tunes. If you haven't heard the album yet I strongly suggest you check it out.

Intro/Kingdom Of Zion International Drama Herbalist Respect Yourself Kingston Town Real Story My Boy Lollipop
Article & Pics: Tha Rajah | Videoclips courtesy of our friends from World A Reggae