Anthony B. performed at a one off Easter concert at the Brixton Academy, London UK, as a part of the "Unity Is Strength" showcase. The show also featured Cocoa Tea, Capleton and the ragga comedian Professor Nuts who I only can describe as the 'Eddie Murphy of Reggae' because his material was Raw. An amusing lyrical rendition of what I can only describe (being polite) as intimate relationships ragga style.
It was a surprise for everyone that Anthony B. opened the show, but following his brilliant delivery it was hard for anyone to top that. "The show was an experience to me because it's been a long time I haven't open a show, they said it was because of the band change, I carried my own band, after we leave London we are going to Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Rome." He laughed as he thought of his track "Fire Pon Rome". "The youths in Rome that is keeping the show have a pirate station for 25 years and them never get no legal status, until they hear "Fire Pon Rome" they said they got the power to liberate then. The people tonight were really good to me. I will be back in the summer when I will be releasing my new album which still has no title."

Recently we hailed the "Kings Of Glory" in the Brixton Academy and in my opinion Anthony B. was the king that was left behind. At just 22 it is apparent that this young man has taken in what is happening in the world and this knowledge has manifested itself in songs of truths and rights that was inspired by Peter Tosh.
"The music I do is a movement, it is not like Sizzla is saying different to Anthony B., Luciano or Capleton. We are all saying the same thing. It is not vex, Anthony B. is vex with the world why I talk. But there is other people giving their opinion and it's the same thing, so it's not just Anthony B.'s point of view. So much people cannot be giving their point of view in the same way and it is wrong. If I was alone doing it people could say what a facety youth but with the help of one movement there is one aim, one destiny and we are preaching one word. One man can't do, it takes a movement to really go through."

At the show Anthony B. had the audience singing "Cut out that, we are not in competition" which is how he feels all the artists being compared with each other, and that is not what they are about. "It takes a movement to show black people that unity is here. All the sports man who is black should build a united force within the sports, create a unity. You see Michael Jordan against Rodman and Rodman against somebody, but when they come off the field, they should show that they love each other and we are black and we are proud of the blackness. Black man should stick together in Hollywood. That can then generate back to the community and because the youth want to be like you he has to show love. If you want to be a Bob Marley you have to be a Rastaman.

Peter Tosh was a person you either like me or you don't like me, you can turn your back but this is what I am going to say. When Jesus came and they said "crucify him" and Jesus had said "it's all right I am not the son of the Almighty again it's joke me a make with you". What would he have represented today ? You have to stand up for what you believe.
Mohammed Ali is not only honoured just through his boxing but for the person he is. You see your person you are keeps you going longer than your career. To me an angel is a person, you can recognise an angel on Earth, the Bible tells you that an angel is somebody that stands for one thing, righteousness and truth, nothing else. He doesn't stand up for white, black, purple, pink, no colour, not skin, not race just truth and rights. That was Peter Tosh to me."

"The Romans shot the Pope, so if he was doing good for his people them naw shoot him, they would follow him. Mexico is a Roman Catholic country and Mexico is so poor and the Vatican is so rich, the richest bank in the world. How you naw support your people who a praise you and give thanks to you ? It is them things that make us say Fire burn down Rome. It is the evil that you do because the Bible says "Show me your company and me will tell you who you are". According to your works you will get paid. It doesn't matter who you are, if white or black as long as you stand for the truth."

"The person you are is who you have to live with. Some youths say Anthony B. is only 22, well me is 22 too and I can be like Anthony B. Before the role model was 35-40, it took that age to be seen as conscious. But in this time it doesn't take you 30 years to drive a car, you can start to drive at 11.The upbringing of a youth has a lot to do with it. There's a lot of youths out there doing wrong but they are not doing it by themselves. You see a 15-16 year old committing murder they are following the big people. We are setting that bad example to them and start calling them a generation of this and that, and this is a different generation.

But we are not teaching them the way we were brought up. We tend to teach them different because it is a modern world and these are modern times, but we are the same people and it's the same time as your parents. The car was still around, the computer was still around. It is just a little more established. We are coming to the end of time and the computer cannot be a secret no more. It is up to us to make a change, I cannot give up and just care about my family, and you come to the end of the world and nothing has changed."

"You can call to your neighbour come morning time and you say "Morning" and he just bend his face. You can change that and within that change according to how you change that man he may change the next neighbour beside him. You have to show you are not like them and you cannot let them bring you down to their size. My album Universal Struggle is where people can get a wider view of what's happening. It's a universal thing, it's not only on earth. We are moving into the space age, that's what world war 3 will be for, air space. They say the earth is full to them. They are setting up their nuclear bombs up there because there is nothing up there for life. All nuclear waste that is on earth they are saying we are done with that, because the sky is there now."

"Growing up in the seventies I heard how the dancehall was. I use to see enjoyment, friends would find a lady and enjoy themselves and violence would not occur at the dance. The dancehall was created more for love and peace. Some could come feeling down and come to the dance and hear a few conscious tunes and cheer up. The violence is killing our people's music because the people are scared to come out and enjoy themselves. Most people tend to stick to the television, and stay lock up inside. That's why I say "Waan back water pumping the cool and deadly to go dance with the lady."".
"Marley Memories" is another track that features on the album and at the show Anthony B. told the audience of time when he went to France. "Everywhere you go in the world them know Bob Marley. Me reach immigration and the man said where you come from ? I said Jamaica, he said where is that ? Who do we know from there ? I told him Bob Marley he said oh, Bob Marley Island. So when me reach back I wrote a song campaigning to have Bob Marley commemorated on JA's highest denomination of currency. We see whole heap of people on the money in Jamaica and them is not bigger than Bob Marley who is known all over the world."

Anthony B. is a militant artist and is not scared to speak out and give his views on issues that have gone to history unchallenged or only half as ever been told. He is searching for answers and with the belief in his faith as his amour. Banned not only from the Jamaican airwaves for his controversial "Fire Pon Rome" but most of the Carribean radio stations. He told the UK Echoes Magazine in 1995 "It takes someone like me with courage from the beginning to do it, cah early I have pure courage to talk like that."

He is concerned of the injustice that was made to the Black Panthers in the sixties. "You see them hunt down the Black Panthers and send them to prison, and call them activists. We see no records or proof of who was murdered by the Black Panthers. But we see records and proof of the Klu Klux Klan. We don't see nobody hunt down and go to prison. We see man that do all crimes some 40 years ago against the Jews get hunt down and bring to justice, what happened to the Klu Klux Klan ? Man can be preaching this but doing that, my granny would tell me "walls have eyes and bush have ears"."

Source: "Jet Star Reggae News", Issue 15. (April 1998) Writer: Maureen Cousins
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