Concert report
Jah Batta, Mystic Don, Youthman Promotion & Jah Sound International
Backstage ~ Maastricht ~ The Netherlands.
05 - 03 - 1998

Ragga Steve        
Backstage in Maastricht is steadily becoming one of the hottest places in The Netherlands for all Dutch, Belgium and German reggae fans. Within a few months fine reggae acts such as Vivian Jones, Anthony B., Prezident Brown, Axx of Jahpostles and Panache Culture delivered a bunch of exciting shows.

This night Jah Batta and Sugar Minott were scheduled to do a show. Due to personal circumstances the Sugar Minott gig was canceled, but The Youthman Promotion soundsystem we're there and so was Jah Sound International, with selecta Glamma Willy who warmed up the audience in fine style, followed by Youthman Promotion's Ragga Steve. Ragga Steve pleased the audience with his selection of dubplates, hot new 7" singles and some classic reggae tunes. The crowd responded with enthousiasm and soon the dancefloor was filled with people dancing and skanking.
      Glamma Willy & Ragga Steve
Jah Batta came on stage and did a wicked selection from his latest album 'Earth Crisis' : 'Moving too fast', 'Bad lamp' and 'Earth crisis' were followed by solid interpretations of 'No hard drugs', 'Jah light shining bright' and 'Roots do the work'. As a surprise dj Mystic Don joined hime on stage and together they gave the crowd "worries and trouble inna de dance" ! When Jah Batta ended his performance Youthman Promotion and Jah Sound International took over and kept the audience dancing for a long time.

                                                 Jah Batta

After his performance we were able to talk to Jah Batta. Born Antoney O'Meally (St. Catherine, Jamaica), he emigrated to the USA in 1973. Ten years later he teamed up with Brooklyn based producer Lloyd Barnes aka "Bullwackie" for whom he recorded a dj album called 'Argument'. After his stay at Wackie's he did some recording for his nephew's label 'Hammer'. From that time on he started working on what is now known as his 'Earth Crisis' album. He opposes to slackness, and "will always stick to roots music". The single 'Moving too fast' did very well, just as 'Earth crisis', the title track of his album. He felt very happy with the musicans who played on 'Earth Crisis' : Ricky Myrie, Laurence Lewis, Jerry Harris, Jerry Johnson, and Sly 'n' Robbie. The arrangements were done together with Ricky Myrie.

Mystic Don
He thinks highly of the Youthman Promotion organisation. All over the world "there are guys who share the same positive vibes" and he's glad to be a part of it. It's more or less "one great family, from Jamaica to the USA and Japan". At this moment he's working on new songs for an album "with the same roots and culture vibes as his latest album".

Jah Batta can be reached at Ruff Stuff Studio ~ 5624 Beverly Road ~ Brooklyn, NY 11203. Phone : 718 629-5900.

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