Beenie Man's visit to London was short but he accomplished more in those few days than many artists could handle with such a tight schedule. His promotional schedule included radio, TV and press interviews and he also made the news in London when he visited students at the College of North West London. The highlight of his visit was the Award Reception held at the Jamaican High Commission. Beenie Man was presented with his MOBO Award for Best International Artist by His Excellency Derrick Heaven. Although Beenie Man appeared tired from his strenuous schedule he thanked the High Commissioner for holding the reception at his 'house'. He had this to say at the press reception:


"I need the support of the National press and to make the news in England the capital of the world was the best. Last time I was here the press said 'yes Beenie Man, everything cool' and they leave me like that. Tonight the press are saying 'best thing in reggae', nor even in Jamaica they are saying that. Highest feelings and respect to you all and to the radio stations that play Beenie Man. As for the news thing, all I can say is the more people that see Beenie Man, the more fans I get."


"I know I cannot be tricked this time. To all them who are going into the business, learn about the business before you produce a tune. If you get robbed you can't complain. If you give your tune to a man and you don't get your right statement (royalties), you should have checked Mr. Palmer at Jet Star. People say that I should leave Shocking Vibes. I can't do that. We all grew up together and start the business together. I can't leave them - I am Shocking Vibes."


"I am Moses and I know that I can sing many different songs. People put me in one category with songs like "Tears of mi garments" and "Old dog". You should go back to my album "Blessed" and the track "Freedom". On the new album I have tracks with ARP, The Taxi Gang - Sly & Robbie. I co-wrote "Women a sample" with Buju Banton and I also have tracks with Little Kirk and Lady Saw. The last track "Ain't gonna figure it yet" (note by Teacher and Mr. T : this concerns the CD album released by Jet Star and not the VP release !) was recorded in Nashville Tenessee. I carried my music sheet that surprised them, then they said there may be a problem because of my accent. When I started to sing they were shocked. I was going to do a cover of Kenny Rogers - "A fine time to leave Lucille" - but I decided to write my own. With "Many moods of moses" you have to listen to the order of the tracks, you cannot skip tracks you have to listen to them all."


"I will be returning to England to tour with the Shocking Vibes Crew in April 1998. People have said why have I not visited Africa. Well Africa is me, Africa is blessed. No promotor has contacted Shocking Vibes to do a show. If anyone calls me to sign a contract, I will be there.


We are one, all nations are one. Give love to me and I will love you 100%. Even if you have bad things to say about me, I have only good things to say about you. Good people it is important to be nice. You don't want to create any enemies in these times. Respect and thank you everyone-Sim Simmer-Blessed Heart".


Beenie Man was invited to perform on the 1998 MOBO Awards to be held on 15th October. He publicly agreed to attend by asking his personal assistent Kevin to make a note of that he will be in London on that date. Beenie Man confirmed that a fan club is being set up through Jet Star. He also wished the Reggae Boys well when they play Brazil at the World Cup Championships in France.
Beenie Man is the No 1 Reggae Artist with his single "Who am I" at the top of the charts. The album Many moods of Moses reflects the creative talents of an artist who had his first No 1 hit at the age of eight and went on to become the Best International Artist. Beenie Man proved to be a fine ambassador of Jamaican reggae with his warm open personality, is yet another asset that will catapult him further into the music mainstream. With international success that could possibly lead to his long awaited Grammy.

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