After an entertaining warmup by Frankfurt's Soundbwoys Destiny, the stage at Wuppertal's capacity crowd filled U-Club was taken by Willy Chin and Walshy Killa representing the 'RMX Kingz' Black Chiney. The soundsystem that evolved out of being founding member Supa Dups' reggae/hip-hop mix-CD project, was established after he teamed up with Bobby Chin who became a selector on Florida's Poison Dart when Supa Dups was already selecting for them, and they quit to run their own sound. The Black Chiney CDs "Vol. 1 - Enter The Dragon", "Vol. 2 - Return Of The Dragon", "Vol. 3 - Revenge Of The Dragon" and "Vol. 4 - The Last Dragon" established the dancehall's big sounds best kept secret, before 'the new Black Chiney' became the hottest mixed CD when "Vol. 5 - The CD Killer" was released in November 2000.

Frankfurt’s Soundboys Destiny

Black Chiney: Walshy Killa & Willy Chin

No more than half a year later they showed up at every big dance for the summer in Jamaica, and Black Chiney as a soundsystem took the dancehallscene by storm.
With an even more powerful collection of dubs and refixes later that summer on "Vol. 6 - Mixology" they strenghtened and expanded that position, and their "Vol. 7 - Black-A-Chino" from February 2002 perfectly showed what Black Chiney is all about: riddims from both the JA dancehall and the hip-hop fraternity, like Black Shadow's 'Buzz', Rattler's 'X-5', CJ's 'Engine', Ward 21's 'Puke', Kings Of Kings' 'Martial Arts', Fat Eyes' 'Renegade' and Too Bad's 'White Liver' from Jamaica, and Outkast's 'Whole World', Timbaland's 'Oops My Oh', 'Feel The Girl' and 'For My People', DMX' 'Who We Be', Nas' 'Get Yourself A Gun' from the US all used for wicked dubs and remixes by the top notch usual suspects. Topped by the first self-produced Supa Dups riddim 'Reggae Thuggin' and 3 tracks (e.g. Elephant Man's "Acting Gay") using Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love'(!). Then a silence of 2 years preluded their best mix CD so far, May 2004's "Supa Chiney V 8.1" taking them to even higher heights, including the very successful self-productions on their - soon to be released as one-riddim-album - 'Kopa'-riddim.

Walshy Killa

Willy & Walshy

Walshy Killa

Remix-wizard Willy Chin and Leighton P. Walsh a.k.a. Walshy Killa - the younger brother of legendary Westindies cricketer Courtney Walsh, one of the best fast-bowler's ever - Black Chiney selector and as he proved here in Wuppertal very fine MC wasted no time when they took over at 2 am. With the absolute highlight of the evening for me having the massive count the different Bounty Killer dubs (all played using Final Scratch from a Sony Vaio: no CDs, no vinyl) over 'Showtime', and after reaching 10(!) drawing for the 11th! 6 Elephant Man dubs over another, announcing the Jamaican national anthem before drawing for Buju's "Boom Bye Bye" and playing almost every single tune featured on the 8 Black Chiney CDs so far as if Willy and Walshy were inexhaustible, their first visit to Germany was a very entertaining one, and I surely hope to see them in action again live.

Text & Photos : Souljah

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