When entering my first impression was: "Weird!" It took place in a theater, there were chairs placed everywhere, no dance floor in sight! There where almost no youths at all, most of the audience consisted of adults. The band was put together for that event and they where collecting instruments for Instrument4Africa, so it was a kind of benefit concert as well.

The concert started with an acapella song, flowing into "Iron Lion Zion, a great tune, but still nobody was dancing. Nuff great tunes came along. Iron Lion Zion was followed by Lively Up Yourself, Rastaman Vibration, Concrete Jungle, Exodus and Survival. After a few tunes the singer was replaced by a female vocalist (who had taken care of the backings) and she sang the tune Rat Race which was done in a very nice version. The next song was done by the guitar player, he chose to do "Rebel Music". He had a pleasant voice and his performance made a fine impression.
The main artist came back on stage and started off with Stir It Up followed by Is This Love. Then it was time for the break, but before the break Junior (the lead singer) wanted to show us his new videoclip. So we all watched the vid, it was a promising tune.

The backing singer came up first and said that she was disappointed that no one was dancing and everyone just sat there. This was the moment I was hoping for and the audience responded in a positive manner. The band came on stage again and they immediately started with I Shot The Sheriff, the vibe of that song touched the audience and people finally started dancing. More great tunes followed, Trench Town Rock, Roots Rock Reggae and Could You Be Loved. Junior went off stage again and the other backing singer did her solo break with Guiltiness. No doubt it was well performed but it is a very slow tune so immediately everyone sat down. Too bad!

Then Junior came back on stage again to do off course No Woman No Cry followed by Redemption Song. The last part of the concert had some real good vibes. The tunes were okay and people enjoyed themselves. Get Up Stand Up, War & One Love were the last tunes of this strange but nice concert.

Text : RastaFaria   Photos & Video: Rastafaria