Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder & Shiloh Band.
Live At 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Date : 14th July 2000.

.... "Buju Banton had an accident and has to stay in hospital for the next 6 weeks! This info is now confirmed, he will NOT be performing on Summerjam or any other event this summer!"....
When it comes to speaking about the artist Mark Myrie aka Buju Banton, some people apparently get a certain kind of "kick" from purposely spreading rumours about the man's health. Perhaps an intrigueing matter for psychologists, but very annoying for his worldwide fans, especially when it coincides with the start of Buju's European and US 'Unchained Spirit' tour. By appearing at the 'Summerjam' festival in Germany and delivering a truly great performance, Buju did the only right thing... he showed his fans that he is "alive and kicking", no matter what some bad minded people say.

The first of his three shows in Holland was scheduled at Friday evening, 14th July 2000, in 013. And although a few days before the concert was going to take place they only sold 14 tickets in advance, some 250 reggae fans found their way to that great venue in Tilburg. After the Shiloh Band had laid down a nice instrumental opener to check the sound and warm up the audience, MC Danny Pepperseed introduced a "Surprize" act... Wayne Wonder.
Wayne and Buju's acclaimed association ended some three years ago due to personal disagreements, but right now both artists seem to have solved their problems, which is expressed through the recording of a song entitled "Reunion" (featured on Buju's new album "Unchained Spirit") and guest appearances of Wayne Wonder during Buju Banton's tour. When Wayne Wonder took the stage he got a warm welcome and also the good response during his entertaining performance was well deserved. He delivered a fine selection of old and new hit tunes including "Could Never Be Friends", "I'd Die Without You", "Saddest Day", "Forever Young", "Joyride/ Bashment Girl" and - across the 'Bookshelf' riddim - "Watching You". Also the wicked combination tune "Blazing" over the 'Kiki' riddim, performed in combination with Wayne Wonder's alter ego, the deejay Surprize, got enthousiastic approval. A short, but fully satisfying set from an unexpected guest.

Then it was time to announce the entrance of the man most of the young and old people present eagerly awaited... Buju Banton. After the spiritual intro of his new album had resounded, Buju took the stage in front of an enthousiastic reacting audience opening his part of the show with "Destiny", one of the best tracks from his "Inna Heights" album. In an almost one hour lasting performance Buju Banton mainly focused on the "roots & culture" side of his music, but also those who had come to hear his current Dancehall pieces were not forgotten. Skanking and dancing, modest and exuberant, dynamic and energetic, but above all powerful and impressive are the main terms to describe Buju Banton's performance in a nutshell. He delighted his fans with tunes taken from the three albums "Til Shiloh", "Inna Heights" and "Unchained Spirit".
Backed by a tight playing Shiloh band - featuring the great Steve "Lenky" Marsden, who seemed to have some problems with his keyboards - and three female singers who provided great backing vocals, Buju Banton delivered such well received tunes as "Not An Easy Road", the awesome "Murderer", "Champion", "Hills & Valleys", "Cry No More", "Our Father In Zion", the ska flavoured "Better Must Come", a small part of "Pull It Up/No Rebel In Disguise" in which he did a slight imitation of Beres Hammond's voice, the hardcore Dancehall cut "Women Dem Phat" - across the 'Unda Watta' riddim - and "Mighty Dread", the latter also being Buju's brand-new single on Epitaph Records. Some of the songs were delivered as a so-called 'extended version', as they ended with a wicked live played 'dub'.

Towards the end of the show Buju asked Wayne Wonder to step forward once again in order to perform their 1991 recorded combination smash hit "Bonafide Love", a rendition of Delroy Wilson's "I Don't Know Why" aka Errol Dunkley's "Movie Star". This appealing tune made everyone sing along, causing even more exciment among his audience. Then Buju Banton did one song by himself, left the stage and although the people wanted more Buju, Wayne and the Shiloh Band, it was the local Sound 'United Sound System' that had to take over the proceedings, providing the music for the afterparty. A somewhat disappointing and, most of all, abrupt ending of a very good show. Afterwards, when we were told that we did not get the entire Buju Banton show because it was a curfew (for what it's worth) that put an end to the show, the disappointment only grew bigger. However, it couldn't take away the enjoyment of having witnessed a solid and very entertaining show. Nuff said!
Writers : Teacher & Mr. T

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