Some months ago it was announced that Barry York, the Artistic-Director for "Circulation Productions/Circulation Music-Records (Les Productions Circulation)", had been appointed to be sole Administrator/Manager on behalf of Bunny Wailer (The Living Legend) and his "Solomonic/Tuff Gong Productions Limited" including its affilliates, to represent and perform any and all actions relating to the overall functions, development, and establishment of both the artist and the company, internationally. Who is Barry York and where did he come from?

Barry York was born in Kingston, Jamaica, (real name initials B.Y.B.) right on the border that separates Greenwich Farm and Withfield Town, a few zips away. The only separation between Trench Town and (the 2 barrows) the other communities mentioned is a main street called Maxfield Avenue. Maxfield Avenue is to Kingston 10, 11, 12, and 13 what Broadway is to The Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens, NY-USA. While Barry was attending Greenwich Town Primary School along with John Holt, Pat Kelly, and also members of The Wailing Souls (among others), who at the time were living in Trench Town, Barry started feeling the musical hormones. In those days Sound Systems like Sir Coxson's Down Beat was clashing with other sound systems, and along with DJ's like King Stitt and Count Machuki would rule Dancehall. Those were the days of Ska, Rocksteady, and the rude boys skanking.

Your Boss DJ... King Stitt.

Trench Town in those days was a nice place and somewhat similar to Harlem, NY (the hood). Because of the way of life, it was like a breeding ground for talents of all kind, especially musical artists who were searching for a way to survive in and out of the hood, and to rise above. Trench Town was between or surrounded by similar communities like Jones Town, Denham Town, and Hanna Town, where there was also a multitude of talents that would just come together musically as a vocal group or a band. The vibes were so nice in Trench Town that every chance Barry got to just zip over to the neighbourhood, or surrounding communities, even cutting school to go, he would visit. His grandmother, a strict disciplinarian, would apply all kinds of punishment, but that did not stop Barry from going where the musical vibes where and that's where he wanted to be.

Financial mismanagement on the part of Barry's grandmother, led to the selling of their home at 21 West Avenue and a rental unit at 21 Seaview Avenue. After paying off debts, there was only enough money to purchase a small dwelling at 18 Greenwich Street, in Trench Town. As faith would have it, a natural transformation was made, Barry ended up living in Trench Town! For his siblings it might have been a disappointment, but for Barry it was cool because that was where the musical vibes were flowing. Music and more music, and because the people in Trench Town were more down to earth in comparison to the up town folks, Barry felt the close vibes and started getting more involved musically.

While attending primary school Barry would jam and rehearse musical harmonies with John Holt and Pat Kelly (among others) at lunch time or after school. After getting home, he would be in the middle of the musical happenings in the neighbourhood. Up the street was Toots & The Maytals, Gladstone Anderson, Stranger Cole, Copland Forbes, Scully Simms, among others. Also living next door to Barry was a young Tabby "Diamond" Shaw and Bunny Diamond, who at the time seemed to be only interested in playing marbles, cricket, and soccer with Barry and co. Living not far away, unknown to Barry at that time, right there in Trench Town, was Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and Junior Braithwaite along with the other Wailers' Posse.

              From left to right : Alton Ellis, Derrick Morgan, Bob Andy, John Holt, Gaylads & Jackie Opel.

After practicing or rehearsing the latest R&B songs of almost every famous American artist such as the Drifters, Otis Redding, Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler, Sam Cooke, and the Ska Rock Steady songs of Alton Ellis, Derrick Morgan, Bob Andy, The Paragons, Jackie Opel, Owen Gray, and The Gaylads, the idea of the recording studio and how a song was recorded was starting to appeal to Barry.

The recording studio awareness came about because of Gladstone "Glady" Anderson (piano player) who would ride his bicycle past Barry's house (yard) to go to his tailor shop just down the road . Glady was one of Duke Reid's main session keyboard players. Duke Reid was the owner of Treasure Isle Recording Studio, located in Bond Street. After school Barry would visit Glady in his tailor shop, just to hear stories of who was recording, etc. Glady told Barry fascinating stories about the inside of a recording studio, the vibes, and things about the Duke's Treasure Isle Studio, Coxson's Studio One, and other studios.

     Gladstone "Glady" Anderson
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