The Congos Live @ The Minnemeers in Gent (November 2, 2009)

I had seen The Congos one time before in the Petrol Club in Antwerp in 2006. All I remember from that show is that they restarted their most famous song 'Fisherman' 3 times before playing it fully. It was the last song of a magnificent set! They played many songs of their newest album 'Swinging Bridge' and Monday November 2nd it was the same spirit that you can find in that album that was in the air at the Minnemeers.

Selector Waxx was playing a magnificent selection of vintage reggae, tunes ranging from Black Slate to the late great Dennis Brown, and the people were perfectly in the mood, looking forward to a great night of reggae. At 9 o'clock the band appeared on stage and after a short medley the 4 Congos made their appearance to a fully loaded and hot Minnemeers!

The Congos did a lot of songs from the 'Swinging Bridge' album, but also a lot of new material, so it's hard for me to write down any titles because most of the songs were not even quite finished yet. Some of the endings of the songs were just cut off by the band out of nowhere but it didn't spoil the mood of those songs.

Of course after one hour and a half the fantastic four with a combined age of over 200 years got a little tired after giving the fullest of themselves for the evening and they went off stage for the 1st time. But only after a few minutes it was clear that they wouldn't leave Belgium without playing their greatest hit: 'Fisherman'. After a few pull-ups the crowd went mad.

A great night out and the trip worth driving to Gent for this show!
Text & Pics & Clip : GertozZz