Concert report
Hindu, Determine, Prezident Brown
& Panache Culture.
Hof ter Loo ~ Antwerp ~ Belgium.
21 - 03 - 1998

For quite some years Holland based record company RUNN Records has a fruitful association with producer Barry O'Hare from Ocho Rios, a small town situated at the northcoast of Jamaica. As a part of this association RUNN Records regularly organises a tour with artists who have records out on Barry O'Hare's "Xrated" imprint and on their own RUNN label.
The concert at Hof ter Loo, Antwerp was part of a new RUNN/Xrated tour with Hindu, Determine, Prezident Brown and Panache Culture, which furthermore included gigs in Paris, Amsterdam and Geneva (Switzerland). For Hindu and Determine these were their very first performances in Europe while Prezident Brown already did his fourth RUNN organised tour in a row.
When we entered roundabout 21:45 it was clear the audience found its way to Hof ter Loo, eagerly waiting for things to come and already getting in the right mood due to some ganja smoking and the warm-up part by the "RUNN SOUND" Soundsystem.
At 23:00 the lights went down and after a short announcement by multi-talented Barry O'Hare (not only at the controls, but also announcer and providing background vocal for his artists on stage) Europe's premier reggae band Panache Culture started the show.
The band kicked of with a short instrumental medley before they continued with wicked interpretaions of some old and new songs of their own, among them "One day", "Roots experience" and "Oh my brothers". Panache Culture was (as expected) in fine form and from the very first moment on they managed to get the audience involved. Compared to their earlier stage performances, it was obvious that this band had undergone positive developments both musically and spiritually. Panache's energetic stage show created the right (reggae) vibes for the first Jamaican artist to hit the stage.
Newcomer Hindu was left the rough task to follow this solid performance of a band which played more or less a home match. He gave us all he got with songs like "A1 lover", "Too lie", "Smile for me" and "Fun time". Although some people in the audience weren't overly fond of the kind of songs Hindu delivered, it must be said that he truly did a nice job, especially considering that - after his debut in Paris the day before - this was the young singer's second show in Europe.
After Hindu left the stage and Determine was called to take over the mic some kind of excitement went through the audience. His visage topped by a blue-coloured turban and dressed in a kind of traditional Afrocentric robe Determine exploded on stage with a performance that was filled with energy.
He ran, shouted, jumped, and crawled on stage so the audience could tense the vibrations of his performance. He got enthusiastic response from the audience as he gave them songs like "Time like this", "Edge of the wing" and of course "Kette drum". Although he only did six songs in his part of the show Determine certainly lived up to expectations.
Then it was time for Prezident Brown to take the stage. The audience reacted enthusiastically to this cultural deejay. Due to well received shows he did in 1996 (Konijnenwei Festival, Antwerp) and 1997 (Open Tropen, Turnhout) Prezident Brown is getting a growing group of devoted fans in this area. To the great approval of his audience Prezident Brown's set included trusted and tried songs like "Prezident selections", "Rough road", "Brain Food" and "Roots in the music" as well as new tunes like "Holy land" and "Sperm doner".
The people went wild when Panache Culture's leadsinger Hassan Hamra joined him to perform the wicked combination song "Pax America" from Panache Culture's forthcoming album. After this impressive tune Prezident Brown presented "Heathen chant" during which he called Hindu and Determine back on stage. Prezident Brown passed the mic to Determine who performed "Live wire", his version on the "Heathen" riddim, before the band switched over to the "Drum song" riddim. With Determine's "Who" and Prezident Brown's "Talking Drums" this two-hour lasting show seemed to come to an end. But, to everyone's surprise, Prezident Brown asked to bring the Dutch rastaman Aart Timmermans aka Ras Fire on stage. Ras Fire suffers from a fatal muscular disease which makes that he's tied to a wheelchair or even wheelbed, but he keeps finding his strength and courage through rasta faith and reggae music. Backed by Panache Culture (with Hindu, Determine and Prezident Brown playing congos) and with great and warm response of the audience Ras Fire rounds off with Luciano's "Never give up my pride" and Bob Marley's "Rat Race".
The crowd at Hof ter Loo kept on dancing and shouting when the show was over. The "RUNN SOUND" Soundsystem, with the help of dj Supa Ranking, went on stage and threw in every dubplate they had to please the people.
It was a most satisfying evening in every aspect. There was something for everyone, it was refreshing, the spirit of consciousness was emphatically present and there was a feel of positivity and togetherness. As a final note we have to point out that the musicians and artists truly deserve a great compliment for their solid performances especially regarding the fact that, due to technical problems, none of the monitors on stage were working during the entire show.

Teacher & Mr. T.

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