At Wednesday 1st April 1998, the last day of his three weeks lasting stay in Europe, we talked to Hindu at RUNN Studio. It was the first time he came to Europe to do some shows. During this short European tour, which brought him to Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Geneva he was accompanied by Determine and Prezident Brown
Hindu (real name Vilmore Green) was born in St. Elisabeth Jamaica, as an Indian descendant regarding his mother's side. As a youth he moved from his birthplace St. Elisabeth to Montego Bay, where people started calling him Hindu. It was at Montego Bay where he got employed as a waiter. After a while he started his musical career as a deejay with Mo' Bay's no 1. sound-system "Electro Force" and "Super Love", another Mo Bay based sound-system. During his performances he didn't stick to a strictly deejay stylee, but presented also some of his songs in a singjay stylee.
However, there came a moment he felt he had to develop his artist skills further, so he decided to perform as a singer - together with a band called "Red Alert" - for the tourists who came to Cornwall Beach, Montego Bay. "It was a hard job, but surely an instructive experience as it is very difficult to perform for tourists. They are a mingled audience especially as it comes to their musical preferences and only few among these tourists are really focussed on reggae music. To satisfy them, musically speaking, is very difficult."
In 1991 he performed at the renown Sunsplash festival and in November 1992 he did his first performances outside Jamaica as he toured Peru together with ex-Black Uhuru singer Michael Rose, Papa San and Ed Robinson. "The response of the audience was great and everywhere we came there was a real roadblock, but it was also a frightening experience. The people were so enthusiastic, they didn't stop beating against the windows of the coach which carried us from one place to another. When I do a show I love to mingle with the audience, talk to the people who come to listen to my music. It has never been a problem. Not in Jamaica, nor in the U.S.A. or Europe. But in Peru, with that obtrusive audience, it was to risky to do so."
Then Hindu signed to "MacD Records" for which he recorded the "Ready For Dem" album (distributed only in the U.S.A.) and the music video "Ichiban". In 1996 he did some promotional stuff in the U.S.A. as well as some efforts on combining hip-hop with reggae music (e.g. with rapper Slick Rick), but it didn't work out.
Hindu not only performs his own songs, but also writes tunes for other artists. Recently he wrote two songs for A.J. Brown, an up-and-coming singer well worth checking out in the near future. Next to this he has been recording with Barry O'Hare for quit some time. "By now there are enough songs recorded to release an album, however the finishing of the album takes some time as we keep on renewing this album. Some older riddims have to be replaced by newer, original ones and we also have to add some backing vocals. Hopefully it soon will be coming out on the RUNN-XRated label."
And Hindu continues..."About this album I can tell you that it brings different moods. I myself like to listen to different kinds of music: R&B, hip-hop and even classic music. This brings different influences from which I try to pick up the positives. I want to do music which appeals to everyone. Personally I like music that uplifts people, on the other hand I dislike "murder, murder kill" songs. You can't sing that kind of lyrics, especially when you have kids and want to teach them. We have to build our society a community so that the children can learn and grow with the positive vibes. All evil and negative vibes must go. It's time to have control and live with discipline and acknowledge the Creator, 'cause it's not we who made ourselves. Observe nature, forget negatives and press on the positives in life."
As far as his first tour in Europe concerns. "The audience is definitely different than I am used to. In general they're more concentrated on consciousness. They listen to the lyrics of the songs. Paris was very exciting. The reactions of the audience was very good and enthusiastic, they approached the artists and the show with an open mind. Geneva was also a good experience, a nice audience at a sold out venue. I've learned a lot of this tour. For me it was important to experience what kind of songs the people in Europe like to hear, so that the next time I come around I can bring them the kind of music they like to hear !"
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