Concert report
Michael Prophet, Jah Woosh & Ruff Cut Band.
Sub Rosa ~ Almelo ~ The Netherlands.
15 - 03 - 1997

According to the people who were lucky enough to catch all from the start Dutch Soundsystem "Jah Sound" played some excellent tunes before Ruff Cut Band started the show. I entered roundabout 23:30 when Michael Prophet had just hit the stage. Unfortunately Linval Thompson didn't perform, another announced artist not showing up, and a promotor or artist (I don't know who slipped here) giving live reggae a bad name.

But Michael Prophet showed the virtues of live reggae. Michael once again showed he is not someone whose name is his most famous weapon, but his current performances are. His voice was incredibly good last time I saw him, a few years ago in Geel (Belgium), and now he seemed to sound even better. The Ruff Cut Band proved why  they are considered to be one of UK's hottest backing bands. Every single note was tight as were the riddims, quite a few  reminded me of in fine form Roots Radics like on Michael's albums for Junjo Lawes, from which he drew quite a lot of the songs he performed. Some of the best renditions he gave were "Righteous Are The Conqueror", "Originally", "Youthman" and his encore ended with one of reggae's all time greatest songs "Gunman". Michael Prophet did an excellent job on stage and his energetic dancing during the heavy dubwise pieces played by the Ruff Cut Band certainly showed his joy.

Veteran DJ Jah Woosh was left the rough task to follow this performance. He gave us all he got, but unfortunately problems with his microphone left him reeling. It was a pity his conscious lyrics now went astray, because Ruff Cut's rhythms were very much on top of his voice. Quite a lot of riddims known from his "Marijuana World Tour" album and an artist who kept his upful mood nevertheless left a good impression of what he is capable of when his mic is working fine.

The combined performances kept us all in the right mood for over two hours, and it was a real pleasure to see that after two not too well attended sound system nights the audience finally found it's way to Sub Rosa. Some joyous afterparty sounds from "Jah Sound" showed that it would be a shame if their next show at Sub Rosa wouldn't attract the same size of audience on the 4th of April!


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