Michael "Jamelody" Williams was born in Carenage Trinidad in 1980. The baby of six children, it was not long before his parents and older siblings realized that he was a very gifted vocalist and musician. As a member of this very spiritual family it was almost destined that young Michael would be part of the church choir. There, he expanded his vocal ability while embracing his religion. As a teenager he started to apply his vocal skills to making reggae compositions with sweet melodies and hooks in a style very characteristic of the R&B he had been singing earlier in his life but with rich cultural and spiritual content. This is why he took the name "Jamelody" (Jah Melody) It was at a captivating performance as an opening act for a reggae show in Port of Spain which brought him to the attention of his current manager who immediately took him to Jamaica to begin recording. On a second trip to Jamaica he was introduced to Bobby "Digital" Dixon, ace producer and owner of the well known record label Digital B. The sweet sound of Jamelody -- as heard on the single "Pressure", taken from his forthcoming VP album,to be released in September 2007 -- is a result of their amazing collaborative effort and musical chemistry.



Q: Could you introduce yourself to the European public?

A: My name is Michael Williams aka Jamelody hailing from the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

Q: Europe just discovered you, could you speak to us about your musical background?

A: I am from a religious family so I started singing in church. As a teenager I became interested in R&B before finding Rastafari which led me towards conscious reggae music.

Q: Your first album will be released on VP Records and will be produced by Bobby Digital. Where does the connection comes from?

A: The connection really came about while working with Bobby. VP personnel visited the studio on a number of occasions when I was recording, so that is where the connection was made. The album also features tracks produced by Stephen McGreggor and a producer called Karl James out of New York.

Q: How 's your relation with Bobby Digital?

A: Great! Myself, my management and Bobby have a real musical chemistry and I feel good about that. We are like family. When I'm in jamaica it's like a family vibe at Digital B's.

Q: What more can you tell us about your album?

A: My album is multi-faceted which I feel makes it very interesting. Of course it is very conscious and uplifting, but there's also some love songs and some reality songs, food for thought. I am very proud of this project.

Q: Is there any guest on the album?

A: Yes. So far I have recorded songs with Natural Black and Capleton. I also feel good about the musicians featured on the album. Dean Fraser, Kirk Bennet, Danny 'Bassie', Squidly Cole, Benji Myaz, Wrong Move, Dalton Brown and Mikey Spice, who I really looked up to as a vocalist when I was younger.

Q: Is it harder for a reggae artist to come from Trinidad?

A: Yes, sort of... If you dont have the right connections. I am lucky to have had my manager Zak, and now Neil Diamond and VP Records, to push my career in the right direction

Q: How 's the reggae scene in Trinidad?

A: It's going good so far. My music has always got a good response here. Other artists have also been getting a good response. Trinidad is a reggae country. If your songs are good you will get love here.

Q: Last word for the European public, please?

A: Well... I know the European public know good reggae music, so look out for my debut album. Keep supporting reggae music. Stay firm and be positive. Stay focussed on the things you want to achieve in life.

Q: Thanks & Respect.
Interview by B.O
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