After having organized a few soundsystem nights this year in Enschede, including their latest in Atak being the most successful one, this time Herb-A-Lize-It Sound hosted a Jamaican Night where first Dutch (-language) reggae/ska-band Luie Hond was featured, before their own soundsystem would take over for the remaining hours of the night. Luie Hound has over the years been touted as a more purist sounding outfit than their very famous Dutch- language predecessors Doe Maar, but unfortunately Luie Hond (meaning Lazy Dog) left that trail for a more rocky and poppy sound. Thus the Jamaican music wasn't really taking off until Herb-A-Lize-It Sound started playing. This sound from the East of the Netherlands, that is affiliated to the local-radio show "The Voice Of Jamaica" and the Jamdown Recordstore in Enschede, features not only DJ Sultan, MC-ing alongside longtime reggae/dancehall and hiphop-stalwart Daddy Jim, who won the "Grote Prijs" a music contest with his homey LTH in 1997, and released under Daddy Jim's name the hiphop reggae crossover album "On Target" some years ago, but also 'conscious' selector Stef as well as the more hiphop/R&B/dancehall DJ SQ, who has his own site to be found here, behind the turntables. The selectors both spun two longer sets, and it is very nice to get both sides i.e. roots & bashment equally well covered inna di dance. Look out not only for upcoming dances in Enschede and cross the border in Germany, but start getting ready for the upcoming 'War In The East' soundclash, that Herb-A-Lize-It will host on March 5th, 2004 where they 'Welcome to the Arena' Holland's Fatal Sound and Cool Rock, as well as Belgium's Uruhu Sound and Germany's Do-Fire Sound.

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Text & Photos : Souljah

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