Book review
Simmer Down: The Early Wailers Story
John Masouri
June 28, 2016

Front Cover So much has been written about the Wailers since Bob Marley died back in 1981. More has been written about the Wailers since his death than before his passing. What was needed was a book about the group, that placed the group back into a Reggae context.

The views of non-reggae fans or people are of little or no interest to me. The little comments from Desmond Dekker are a great example of this. John Masouri would never leave them out, but so many others would. The "Catch A Fire" album was a very important album for the band and for Reggae music. One of its ongoing mysteries was the vast amount of Reggae people who claimed to have played on it. Finally John - explains this. From my understanding of it now, it looks like there were three albums, two recorded in Jamaica and one in England.

The groups internal battles and thinking are also well explained. They were not only Wailers, but a collection of Screwfaces that Mr Brown would surely run from!

Paperback 460 pages, ISBN-10:0993375901 / ISBN-13:9780993375903, Jook Joint Press, Publish date: 6 September 2015.

Ray Hurford