Concert report
Luciano, Mikey General & The FireHouse Crew.
Hof Ter Loo ~ Antwerpen ~ Belgium.
24 - 11 - 1996

Soundsystem "Dee Royal Ark" played some excellent tunes from the past -"Money" by Horace Andy (Wackies)-, before FireHouse Crew started the show at 21.40, with an excellent version of Bob's "Small Axe".

Ten minutes later Mikey General came on stage with a short, but fine set, including the autobiographical "Miss Taylor's Son", and his hitsingle "Sinners". Luciano entered the stage singing "After All". After that he said his prayers and the show kicked off with "Give Thanks", followed by the title track from his latest album "Messenger". He performed several tracks from his album "Where There Is Is Life", such as "Who Could It Be", "He Is My Friend", "Good God", "Heaven Help Us All" and "Your World And Mine". The FireHouse Crew played a very tight set, with Dean Fraser as musical director. Luciano did a spiritual, yet energetic performance and the crowd went wild, especially when he did "It's Me Again Jah". His last song was "In This Together" featuring Dean as dj. After a short break he came back and finished his gig with a fascinating version of his single "Life". A stunning 70 minutes performance, that left no one untouched !

Whenever you're able, go see Luciano live. Very spiritual, fascinating and musical show. We've lost Bob, Peter, Jacob and Garnet, but we still have Luciano !

Teacher & Mr. T.

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