Sunday February 8th Münster's Gleis22 was again the venue to host a Soul Shake Down Party featuring two Rootdown Records' artists, after the vibrant November performance by Mono & Nikitaman this time it was up to Nattyflo and Nosliw to entertain the massive. Soul Shake Down Party's own selector Orange Bud warmed up the crowd playing mainly German reggae, and did a fine job judging the audience response. Backed by the One Drop Band from Augsburg, featuring a hornsection playing trombone and trumpet, adding to a great full sound, Nattyflo took the stage and kicked off with the titlesong of his EP "Wochenend" 'Weekend' before doing a song I never heard before, might be one of the selections featured on his upcoming album, the anthem in the making "Reggae Lebt" 'Reggae Lives', followed by his great contribution to the label compilation Rootdown Allstars Vol.1 "Roots" and a song he recorded during his recent stint in Jamaica working with Degree about the niceness of a shining sun and nice vibes.

Some more hardcore dancehall of smooth-voiced singer/singjay Nattyflo followed before he delivered his great "Mona Lisa", a new tune calling to whine "Flex" and the socially engaged "Worte Wie Feuer" 'Words Like Fire'. The band then started to play the magnificent riddim and hornriff of his ganja-tune "Wie Ich Abbrenn'" 'How I Get Burned' sung from from the perspective of the herb itself. Nattyflo next selection was the positivity inspiring "Schau Nach Vorn" 'Look Ahead' over the 'Elemental'-riddim, before making himself once again heard angrily in "Leichtsinn" 'Madness'. After delivering this strong set Nattyflo called Nosliw to the stage, who entered the stage doing a tune called "Raus Aus Dem Alltag" 'Out Of Everyday Life', followed by another tune about the frustrations encountered everyday "Manchmal" 'Sometimes', before he did his superb sex-tune "Boahh!" and his current single over Seeed's 'Electric Boogie'-riddim "Alarm". The next tune Nosliw sang despite having an aching throat (nevertheless sounding pretty smooth with just a little rough edge all the while) was "Ich Stell Mir Vor" 'I Assume' in which he incorporated a nice freestyle, before doing his "Wie Weit" 'How Far', a tune about sociall engaged involvement over another strong Thilo 'Teka' Jacks riddim. Next up a tune about the satisfaction everyone needs in his job, called "Nein, Nein, Ich Geb Nicht Auf" 'No, No, I Won't Give Up' before performing a few more tunes from his EP "In Vollen Zügen", like his tribute to the music "Musik" and "Oh My Gal", here performed over one of last year's most popular riddims built in Germany, the 'Cure'-riddim.

Nattyflo joined Nosliw on stage to perform their take on Richard 'Shams' Brownie's 'Glue'-riddim. There was no doubt after the strong performances of both performers and the very responsive crowd they would be called back to the stage, and Nosliw started the encore with anti-war song "Ein Ganzes Land" 'A Whole Country', before Nattyflo took over with another cultural song on the need to focus on positivity. Then they took dancehall culture with German lyrics to the max, starring together in the hilarious "Habt Ihr Ein Handtuch, Weh Damit", before really ending the show with the tune Nosliw recorded for "Dancehallfieber Volume 2" together with Youdon "Noch Nie Gesehen" 'Never Seen Before'. This show proved that Rootdown Records has a great roster of artists, who are not only very convincing on 7" and albums, but are capable of entertaining a crowd as well. I look forward to the upcoming releases of both Nosliw's and Nattyflo's albums, and to the release end of March of the Mono & Nikitaman album as well.

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Text & Photos : Souljah

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