Studio wizards and modern techno dub duo Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald a.k.a. Rhythm & Sound - who produced three great reggae sets with "Rhythm & Sound: w/ The Artists", "Rhythm & Sound: The Versions" and the excellent 'one riddim' album "See Mi Yah", next to their other works about which more can be read in the article Rhythm & Sound...Jamaican hallucinations in stripped-down slowmotion" and the site of their label "Basic Channel" - on their tour, accompanied by long time Rhyhtm & Sound stalwart Paul St. Hilaire were on stage at Utrecht's Tivoli - De Helling on April 9 with their 45 Sessions.

Mark Ernestus & Moritz von Oswald
a.k.a. Rhythm & Sound

Paul St.Hilaire

Long publicity, marketing and photocamera shy Mark Ernestus & Moritz von Oswald took over from DJ Chet at about 23:30, and started with a wicked version of Bunny Wailer's "Armagideon", one of many wicked dubs and versions to give room to Paul St. Hilaire's live singing and chanting on top. Not their usual minimal stripped-down dub workouts, but deep, heavy Jamaican dub. A female vocal "I'm The Tuffest" over Lloyd Robinson's 'Cuss Cuss' riddim is up next, before a remix of that riddim is the backdrop for Paul St. Hilaire's "Really Don't Like", "Smoke The Weed Not The Seed". More great versions follow, including "Territory" and Black Uhuru's "Whole World Is Africa" and some more obscure material, with all the time the great MC-ing, singing and chanting of Paul St. Hilaire on top for a very satisfying 90 minutes. That Mark & Moritz are not your average performers is clear when after this fine set they just walk off stage, not really acknowledging the audience. After their set Amsterdam's roots soundsystem King Shiloh" with their own full set had selector Bredda Neil with MC Ras Lion and singers Lyrical Benjie and President Kirky blow some heavy heavy dubs into the night.

Text & Photos : Souljah

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