Talking about sharp, Sharp Axe came on stage at the scheduled 9 pm sharp, and keyboard player Angus 'A-Sharp' Frederick sang "You Took My Sunshine Away", accompanied by drummer Martin Musch, bassie Patrick 'Rupie' Black, and on guitar Markus Dassmann, Dr.Ring-Ding's long time fellow bandmember in The Senior Allstars. This band, with their regular vocalists touring as Movements, is Sharp Axe in its backing band incarnation, played a medley of classic dancehall riddims as a prelude to the appearance of Münster's own dancehall don Richie 'Dr.Ring-Ding' on stage.

Dr.Ring-Ding, wondering where the sound-problems come from.

Dr.Ring-Ding immediately showed that he is no just a very versatile dancehall DJ (for the ones who only became aware of him through his string of 7" recorded for Germaican records these last 2 years), but a singer in his own right, starting tonight's show with Bob Andy's 1969 Studio One classic "Unchained", before heading in the dancehall direction with the title song of the last album he did with the Senior Allstars "Big Up", and the song that already ruled during Dr.Ring-Ding and the Senior Allstars' performances, "Call Di Doctor".


Back in pace it went for "Good Time Back" and "Rock In A Style" over an oldschool reggae riddim. The speed of both the backing and the vocal delivery went up again for the dancehall-mento of "Ruckumbine", in which several snatches of traditional mentos came along, as well as some hilarious imitations of dancing oldies in the dances by Dr.Ring-Ding. Getting the (probably most of them ignorant) ladies in the audience to show by the number of fingers in the air their "Pum Pum Size" was a very funny feat, ragga with very slack, yet funny lyrics. Another singers selection came up with Ken Boothe's "When I Fall In Love", before Dr.Ring-Ding showed not only Jamaican DJs create new dances on his "Step In A Shit".

Dr.Ring-Ding and fellow former Dr.Ring-Ding and The Senior Allstars member guitar player Markus Dassmann.

Riddim nucleas drummer Martin Musch, and bassie Patrick 'Rupie' Black.

Dr.Ring-Ding crooning Gregory Isaacs' "My Number One".

He then did his current 7" on Germaican "Bombs Over Baghdad" not over Seeed's 'Pharaoh' riddim, but over the Jamaican 'Harddrive' before doing the soundboy tune "Tonight A Sound A Go Die", during which Dr.Ring-Ding introduced a counteract to Seeed's Dancehall Queen Contest, by a search for the Dancehall King of Münster. Another classic got a good rendition: Alton Ellis' "Willow Tree", before delivering another batch of his recent recordings with "Vom Vatter", his take on the 'Geisha' riddim, and the massive "Doctor's Darling", a riddim that will finally be released on a one-riddim album this october, including snatches of Gregory Isaacs' "Night Nurse" to finish the show.

Dr.Ring-Ding and Rupie demonstrating the new "Step In A Shit" dancemoves.

The winner and runner-up of the Dancehall King contest.

For his encore Dr.Ring-Ding did the self-boasting "Can't Test", and one of the greatest songs about love ever John Holt's "Love I Can Feel", incorporating not only Beres Hammond "Tempted To Touch", but Cutty Ranks' "Love Mi Haffi Get" DJ-counterpart as well, as well as Gregory Isaacs' "Number One", the singer whose voice Dr.Ring-Ding can imitate so well, that closing your eyes would suffice to believe the Cool Ruler is actually on stage. All came to a close with a stylish take on Bob Marley's "One Love", and a massive ride of the 'Sick' riddim. If only the sound could have been better, Dr.Ring-Ding was almost clashing the engineer especially during the start of the show, this show would have been perfect. But Dr.Ring-Ding showed his versatility in a convincing and enjoyable way. Not only will Dr.Ring-Ding be featured on the aforementioned "Doctor's Darling" one-riddim album, but a solo-album is also scheduled for release this autumn. And he hopes to be on the road again with Swiss backing band "Scrucialists", with whom he just completed a successful German tour. He can be seen live again , then playing alongside Soulfood International on Wednesday October 8th in Münster.

Dr.Ring-Ding and the full Sharp Axe band.
Text & Photos : Souljah

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