Rob Symeonn - Heartical Vibration In San Francisco

On July 29, 2014, San Francisco was treated to the triumphant return of Rob Symeonn, who ignited sparks at The Milk Bar (Haight Street). This was the first stop on his "Indigenous" tour which has continued throughout Hawaii during August. This magical night was the first time Rob had performed in San Francisco since 2010.

Dub Fyah and Full Watts Hi-Fi started out the evening around 10pm with a perfect selection of Royal sounds old and new. Slowly the massive started to gather for this heavily anticipated Roots occasion. Bay Area legends Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi continued the niceness with resident selecter Jah Yzer spinning serious platter. I finally sighted Rob Symeonn and reasoned briefly before he mystically disappeared into the night. The vibes held tight until after midnight with the return of Irie Dole; who had flown from Hawaii to reunite with Jah Warrior Shelter massive.
Rob Symeonn took the stage around 12:45am and wasted no time rallying the crowd. With Jah Yzer running the riddims, we were treated to "Highest Grade"; delivered with power and conviction before he stormed back with "Give It Up" (off the "Indigenous" album). Rob delivered "Whom Shall I Be Afraid", a newer track that he commanded in fine chanting style. By this time Bay Area legend Rocker-T had entered the arena and raised the question - guest appearance? A humble man indeed, he came with a box full of his new releases. Meanwhile, Rob launched into "Never Too Late", one of the highlights off "Indigenous". He engaged the massive nicely and gave special dedication to all Empresses in the house with a crucial Lover's tune, "Because Of You". He performed "Chosen One", the title track off his sophomore album before tearing into "Rod Of Correction". At this time, he handed the mic over to Rocker-T, who absolutely shined in fine chanting style. Rob finished out his set with "You Don't Know It's Me" and the bubbling "King Of The Chalice". A whole heap of tracks that left the crowd hungry for more. After some vibes with Rob and Rocker-T, time to head home...

Rob Symeonn's performance in San Francisco was a crucial affair and the result of the hard work and determination of Jeffrey Boehler(Jah Youth Productions). A totally satisfying Roots event but it would have been more ites if more time was allowed to showcase Rob Symeonn's undeniable talent. Look forward to the next time. Nuff raspect to Rob Symeonn, Jah Youth and all Bay Area massive who made this possible.
Article & Pics: Bob "Higherman" Heilman