It was another successful reggae party thrown at Enschede's Atak by resident soundsystem Herb-A-Lize It. Their Reggae Skank party was kicked off by newcomers Shedrach and Mad Ras Abendigo of Whirlwind Sound, before the big sound from the east of the Netherlands, Herb-A-Lize It Sound that is, took over the controls. With Atak capacity filled, and the massive wanting for reggae music, the vibes were right, and the crowd was skanking and bouncing to the tunes played, before the gentleman-rudeboy, reggae-ambassador David Rodigan after last year's Sound Bash in Deventer made his presence heard in the east of the Netherlands again. This time he brought with him General Levy, who with his trio of releases for Fashion, "Heat", "Breeze" and "The Wig" established himself as the British DJ in 1991. His lyrics ranged from serious culture to risque‚ "slackness", with barely a pause for breath. His live shows had to be experienced to be believed, as he exploded all over the stage, arms and legs flailing to the accompaniment of non-stop, infectious, raucous rhyming. The late 1992 long-playing release for Fashion of The Wickeder General was an immediate runaway success. And he still is live an absolute master on the mic, not only visiting his hit tunes (in their jungle style as well), but also riding current hot riddims like Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett's brilliant 'Drop Leaf' he delivered a very entertaining set, before David Rodigan and Herb-A-Lize It took over again.

The latter sent out a serious warning to their competitors in the Benelux Cup Clash, for which they will clash Civalizee Foundation in Antwerp on May 20th, by spinning some of their dubs, making clear their box should be feared by any sound taking them on. Daddy Jim, Sultan, Stef and Hydro are ready to stir up the clash scene. Before that, they will be hosting in Atak on April 8th "War Inna East Part 2", their annual clash, with defending champion Cool Rock (Amsterdam, NL) - who recently got an undeserved beating in Antwerpen in the first preliminary round of the Benelux Cup Clash at the hands of Luxembourg's Tribulation Sound - , Wild Pitch (Gutersloh, GER), Ras-Bas-Sound (Groningen, NL) the current official Dutch Clash title-holder, Citylock (Berlin, GER). Surely a clash on Dutch soil not to be missed. Unfortunately THE 2K5 clash I was hoping to see is not going to happen. After the party I spoke briefly with David Rodigan, who was very disappointed that his scheduled clash with Tony 'Downbeat The Ruler' Screw in Miami had been called off, according to Rodigan because Downbeat only wanted to be staged in a 'foundation only' clash, which I am sure nobody would like to be in against Downbeat. At least we had to pleasure to witness Rodigan play at yet another great reggae party in Enschede, so be sure not to miss the upcoming "War Inna East Part 2" as it promises to be even better.

Text & Photos : Souljah

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