Book review
The Guiness Who's Who Of Reggae.
27 - 03 - 1998

'The Guiness Who's Who Of Reggae' is the 12th volume of the highly acclaimed multi-volume 'Guinness Encyclopedia Of Popular Music'. General editor Colin Larkin received contributions from Mike Atherton, Johnny Rogan, Steve Barrow, Ian McCann, Lol Bell-Brown, Jean Scrivener and John Masouri. The book contains over 100 illustrations. Most of these photographs (all black and white !) were supplied by top photographer Tim Barrow, whose work is quite outstanding. At the end of the book you'll find a list of books, magazines, films and videos and a section 'Recommended Listening', containing the most essential Jamaican recordings from the last 35 years.
Listed in alphabetical order, the hunderds of entries more or less cover the history of Jamaican music. In addition of entries from artists, labels and producers who shaped and influenced reggae over the years there are entries on 'Sound System', 'Ska', 'Rocksteady', 'Rockers', 'Dub', 'Dub Poetry', 'Dancehall', 'Digital', 'Ragga', 'Yard Tapes' and 'Rastafarianism'. Each artist and producer entry presents a career history and a (selected) discography.

Alongside Steve Barrow's & Peter Dalton's 'Reggae - The Rough Guide' this book is a must-have for all reggae lovers around the world.

'The Guinness Who's Who Of Reggae' is published in 1994 by Guinness Publishing Ltd., Middlesex, UK. ISBN 0-85112-734-7

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