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05 - 01 - 1998

Sometimes video productions seem to be made for entertainment only, but often they are also very educational. Ras Feel delivers 10 reviews of video productions, which are recommended to all reggae lovers.


Very entertaining police story about chief Quinn (Denzel Washington) being a "brother" fe di rastaman (Mobe) accused of a killing (which he didn't do). Very wise reasonings about capitalist shemes and Island "sell out". Lots of reggae music with Rita Marley and her children Sharon & Cedella and a small part for (a.o.) Bob Andy.


Cult classic with Jimmy Cliff and a host of reggae/rocksteady stars from that moment. A film you all will now, but we wanted to emphasize the fact that the movie violence that triggered Rhygin to become an outlaw is/was foreign and is in fact a weapon of destabilisation (see scroll 4). Consider the fact that without "normalisation" of violence and the influx of weapons this wouldn't take place ! A word more about "norm". I remember a discours in philosophy in St. Luke of Arts Academy. It was about the orange. "Imagine this: you have never seen an orange, you have never read about it in a book, nor saw an illustration and no one told you about it. Does it exist ? Examine yourself sincerely. Within these conditions: Does it exist in the universe ? You may know about the stars, solar systems, microcosmos, anything, but if you don't know the orange it does not exist in your universe !" Now coming to the point of "norm" within society. What is considered "norm.all" doesn't imply that nothing else exists ! We at Rastafari University of Zion are trying so very long now to make governments aware of the fact that their "positive" role models aren't positive at all ! In displaying a large amount of negativeness it becomes a role model and people start to live by it. If media would start to promote positive role models they must be educated first ! To come to universal oneness !


Very funny film, again with Jimmy Cliff and Robin Williams. Again a kind of "we the people" film (see: "the mighty Quinn") against corruption and capitalism. (This is yummy yummy for those who grew up with original "Zorro", Robin Hood",...)


Walt Disney production about the bob sleigh team...Of course the characters in this movie are to caricatural, but it is about the fact that one should have all these qualities: overview and tennacity, power and pride (not vanity), love to share with brethren, spirituality and creativity. These qualities must be there before you can (your creation, skill, talent) "shove it down the ice". If you come from where I&I is coming, dem don't want to see you come. So you gotta do better ! That's the film. Nice, children love it !


The soundtrack of that Tamla Motown film is in the R.U.Z. files for 21 years now. It contains a beautiful rendition of "Drum Song" ! Very touching moment when Shaft arrives at Addis Ababa. Beautiful symbolic interpretation of the Shitstem, exploiting our brothers and sisters in Africa. Be prepared to be a revolutionary after view.


Another U.S.A. production, announced on T.V. as a B. film in the horror genre. It turns out to be the most perfect symbolisation of Babywrong we ever saw ! Probably conceived by some very wise bushdoctors from the hood, but no one we know sees the symbolism. It is there from the first frame. It is metriculously maintained throughout the film, even to the furnitures and everything !
Explanation: Poverty, gangwar, drugs, diseases, in the ghetto owned by whites (West) living in a big guarded house bloodsucking the ghetto (Africa). When some brothers try to get in to get some gold (to cure the sick mama) they can't get out anymore, they are traced down by some ferocious dogs owned by a S.M. loving primitive brute called "the husband". He eats people that he shot. He traces the brother, kills him and throws his corpse in the shithole in the basement (look how they present Africa now). The basement is full of creeps and freaks and one is in the walls (it is a punk). His tongue is cut off because he said something nasty to his "mother" (a skinny, red haired, marble white nervous wreck, pretending to be a christian mother). The punk saves the small black boy who came with the brother (to get cure for his mother). Together they fight shitsem (predator couple) and free the daughter, mistreated and kept in captivity (not knowing what goes on outside). She teams up with her brother and the boy, the mansion explodes and all the money comes down from the sky on the ghetto people who were demonstrating in front of the place. It turned out to be that the children in the mansion were not even their own, they stole them in the neighbourhood ! This is revolution ! Hippies and freaks in the basement fed on drugs and corpses, punk in the wall with his tongue cut off, black people forced to crime for survival, together we can free the people ! (a fool)


Another "Robin Hood" theme. Horsemouth the drummer encouters some wicked mafia and decides to bring their loot to the poor. Very nice film showing the music scene in Jamaica in the late seventies, although a little unrealistic.


Not only for the concert vibes I.V. puts on, also for explaining about Rasta, dreadlocks, hygiene (yes, it is washed at least two times a week !). Crucial.


Featuring: Slaves, Lucky Dube, Sister Phuma, Harley & the Rasta Family.
Why don't we, in the West, get the opportunity to bring such beautiful music to the people ? Big bands with nuff groove and reality lyrics. How come South Africa is there already and here still down ?


Files are very educational !! For more info contact:
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Ras Feel

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