Warming up a full not sold out Philipshalle (probably due to the entrance fee of nearly 40 Euro) was Aachen's Small Axe Soundsystem. They deserved some more volume than they got, because their selection, including some great juggling on DEB's "Revolution"-riddim and Seeed's "Doctor's Darling" riddim. They did a nice job before, between and after each performance. More about their crew can be found at their website. At 20.15 Prezident Brown, veteran chanter/deejay took the stage with his well-known song "Roots & Culture" from his third album "Prezident Selections", in a set that showcased some better known tunes from earlier albums like the aforementioned and songs like "Rough Road" from "To Jah Only", the great baby father song "Sperm Donor" and many a tune from his brand new album "Generation Next", like the title song, based on The Staple Singers' I'll Take You There, the absolute masterful rendition of William De Vaughn's "Be Thankful For What You Got", famous also for the great Massive Attack and Lee Perry produced Bunny Clark versions, the upbeat "Sunshine", the ska-tune "Honey Nu Cry", "Oh La La (Pump It Up)", "Unleash The Lion" all from an album that should attract enough attention, with guest appearances by Chezidek, Gentleman, Xavier Naidoo, Patrice and Tomekk. Of course the massive came for Sean Paul, but showed enough appreciation for Prezident Brown, whose current official (German) website can be found here.

Small Axe's MC Mical and Dirk a.k.a. SensiRider in the dark

Prezident Brown

It's all about 'shaking that thing'.

A lot of people were also very interested in the upcoming act, Frankfurt's D-Flame, backed by his own KP Crew, who also took this opportunity to showcase tunes from his last week released album "Unaufhaltsam". He opened with the song that features Sizzla on the recorded version "The Righteous Cause". And he immediately took the audience with his gruff voice, stage presence and nice timing. His current single over the self-produced riddim with the same name "Stopp" released on Germaican Records, "So Müsst'es Immer Sein" over a ska "Stir It Up"-riddim, a medley of earlier songs including the title track of 2000 album "Basstard", and new album tracks like a cover of Extrabreit(!)'s "Polizisten", "Andere Frau" and to close his performance a great audience participated rendition of the title track "Unaufhaltsam" (Unstoppable). With a splendid encore, the song being introduced by only playing its wicked bassline "Sie Macht Mich Glücklich", the massive's favorite track from "Basstard", the former hiphopper D-Flame showed he is right there at the frontline of German Reggae in the league of Seeed and Gentleman. To hear snippets of the tracks mentioned and find more on D-Flame visit his website by clicking here.

Danny Kretschmar a.k.a. D-Flame

Sean Paul's dancers

making their moves

D-Flame with his KP Crew.

D-Flame plus Backing Singers.

Sean Paul with one of his fellow Dutty Cup Crew members.

Finally the main act, Sean Paul, and members of his Dutty Cup Crew took the stage after the band opened playing Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra" before bursting into a string of his hits "Gimme The Light", "Make It Clap", "Baby Boy", "Get With It Girl" over the "Egyptian" riddim, "No Bligh" incorporating some of Tanto Metro & Devonte lyrics of "Everyone Falls In Love Sometime" over the same riddim. Some more tracks of his first album "Stage One" were given the live treatment, "Hot Gal Today", "Deport Them", his "Dutty Rock" track with Ce'Cile from tape "Can You Do The Work", "Shake That Thing", Sasha on tape doing her part of "I'm Still In Love", "Punkie" including some of the Espanol-version, and then a tribute to one of his heroes, a blazing rendition of Peter Tosh' "Stepping Razor", his lick of the "Masterpiece"-riddim "Ever Blazing", his current chartbuster "Like Glue" and closing with the song that even topped the opening tune's popularity "Get Busy". To the amazement of the audience, the MC and Small Axe's MC Mical there was no encore. A great show, with a tight band, a good vocal performance by Sean Paul, and a very responsive German dancehall massive does ended with a disappointed mood. Great concert, very convincing performances not only by Sean Paul himself, but by support acts Prezident Brown and D-Flame as well, and niceness from Small Axe.

Sean Paul giving it all.

"Get Busy"

Confusion by the MC about Sean Paul not coming back for an encore.
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