Having seen Seeed 2 times in the Netherlands (once club, once festival) I decided to check one of their shows in their homeland Germany to witness their popularity over there. After an enjoyable set from Munich soundsystem Roots Rockers, who never limited themselves in playing several styles, from roots through early dancehall not only going into ragga, but playing some wicked jungle tunes as well, the packed Jovel (1.500 people) got what they came for, Seeed entering the stage, and as is customary, the hooded sweatered band took the stage playing the 'Pharaoh' riddim, 'Diwali' and more, with DJ Illvibe providing the samples and scratches, and the horns on top of these tight played riddims, before plunging into their hot song over their own even hotter 'Doctor's Darling'-riddim "Waterpumpee/Waan Back 2002", followed by the ska selection "Fire In The Morning", the electro hiphop styled "Grosshirn", some great vocal harmonies over the old school dancehall riddim tune "Jackpot Girl", and their Cure-riddim version "Release". "Go Seeed (it's your birthday Münster)" was next, followed by a great version of "Love Is The Queen" from their latest album "Music Monks", and then DJ Illvibe got scratching on top with the band playing the 'Murder She Wrote' riddim, and the horns providing the original "Bam Bam" melody on top.

Photo 1 : The horns during the musical intro.              Photo 2 : Vocalists Ear, Enuff and Eased.

Then another original from their first album "New Dubby Conquerors": "Dancehall Caballeros", and another from "Music Monks": "Respectness". One of the live favorites, I don't think there was anyone in the audience not singing along, "Papa Noah" was the upful tune following that. Than they played a to me unknown tune, supposedly called "Do Your Thing", a very infectuous groove, before riding the 'Pharaoh'-riddim for the title song of their latest album "Music Monks". The band then played the great 'Egyptian'-dance, combined with the 'Pharaoh' for a wicked bashment vibe. The more contemplative "Goldmine" was another new addition to the setlist, and "What You Deserve Is What You Got" got a complete reworking on a very different riddim from the recorded version for a very satisfying result.

Photo 3 : Eased and Ear.                                                                                              Photo 4 : Enuff (aka Pierre Baigorry).

More Middle Eastern style riddim kept the crowd moving for the first encore, before Münster's own dancehall king Dr.Ring Ding was invited to join Seeed on stage to a roaring crowd. Richie aka Dr.Ring Ding rode Michigan & Smiley's 'Diseases' riddim to full effect. Their "Riddim No.1" over the Diwali riddim was performed with the audience hand-clapping the riddim, incorporating "Get Busy" while performing the regular dancehall queen contest with 3 girls from the audience. The crowd certainly was still craving for more Seeed, and when they came back for a second encore, the audience joined them in handclapping along "Make It Clap" before the killer hornsection kicked in for "Dickes B". Great to see that in a 3rd performance I saw by them in these last 4 months, they again reshuffled their set-list, songs added to and vanished from it, and only becoming an even tighter outfit every next time. Later his autumn, Seeed will be doing a few shows alongside Degree, who will debut touring in Europe, find out when and where on www.seeed.de, the top European reggae-dancehall outfit, alongside a Jamaican top-notch DJ. Certainly I am looking forward to that!

Photo 5 : Dancing like whirlwinds on stage.                               Photo 6 : Eased, Ear and Enuff.
Text & Photos : Souljah

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