Since the summer of 2005 Petrol Club -- a venue located at the D'Herbouvillekaai in Antwerp, Belgium, in a partly derelict industrial estate near the mighty Schelde river -- has established itself as the place to be for the avid music fan as it offers a well varied selection of musical activities, including styles such as Electro, Hip Hop, Rock, Techno, and Reggae. The latter was represented on Friday 24th February 2006 featuring the legendary Shinehead alongside French sound system Legal Shot Sound, and the two Antwerp based sounds Juggling Discotheque and Far West Crew.

Legal Shot Sound with Keefaz

Legal Shot Sound with Keefaz

When we entered the venue at about 11.15pm, the first thing we noticed was the very good and well balanced sound that bounced from the speakers. The warm up was done by Jugglin' Discotheque (formerly Fast Forward Soundsystem), which consists of Don Fuego, Ginger, Bushungpeng, Jr. Mention and Mr. G. Jugglin' Discotheque played a good selection of tunes. Besides digging into the past with wicked tunes like Johnny Osbourne's Studio One scorcher "Truths And Rights", they also brough the growing crowd the latest boom tunes. Thus "Truths And Rights" was followed by its recently updated version for Massive B (for which Johnny Osbourne teamed up with Burru Banton), with further cuts on the riddim from Chuck Fender and Richie Spice. They built up their set very well, switching from vintage dancehall to modern roots to ragga dancehall, and the crowd just loved it.

Legal Shot Sound in action !

About 2:00am Selecta Matty Dread and MC Polak from Rennes based Legal Shot Sound took over the proceedings and after having spinned some real nice tunes they were joined by Keefaz, who seems to be one of the most promising French artists. He showed a nice flow over the riddims, but due to the fact that he performs in French it's hard to keep yourself involved till the very end when you don't understand what the artist is singing about. However it looked like only few people in the audience had the problem of understanding the French language because the majority of the reggae fans reacted real enthusiastic during Keefaz's performance.

Shinehead & Original Messenjah

Shinehead, Original Messenjah & Keefaz

After half an hour it was finally time for Carl Aiken aka Shinehead to take the stage. He started off with "Rough And Rugged" and then asked Keefaz and a Belgian guy named Original Messenjah to come and join him on stage. He introduced them to the crowd and made them perform a next tune over one of his riddims. Nothing wrong with that... but unfortunately it didn't come to an end! Keefaz and Original Messenjah continued to do their thing on the mic, with Shinehead taking over to do the last effort on the riddim. Apart from Shinehead not being in a very good shape, it's annoying to be treated to other, less appealing and surely qualitative inferior artists. Shinehead worked his way through well known classic tunes like "Who The Cap Fits", "Raggamuffin", his Jamaican no.1 hit "Strive", "Gimme No Crack", and "Jamaican In New York" (aptly retitled "Jamaican In Antwerp"). His performance had its moments, but all in all it didn't live up to expectations raised by the man's reputation and his excellent show at the Reggae Geel festival in 2001. What could have been a great night turned out to be a rather disappointing experience. It's obvious we left the venue and went into the cold, cold night with mixed feelings.

Shinehead on the case!
Shinehead and friends a gwaan!
Text, Photos & Video : Teacher & Mr. T

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