The words of one Miguel Collins aka Sizzla the latest roots sensation to emerge from the blessed Isle of Jamaica. Over the last three or four years Sizzla has released a staggering amount of records for - it seems - almost every producer in Jamaica. He received his fiery appellation from Jamstyle producer Homer Harris who discovered him whilst still at school, and the name is appropriate: Sizzla, his words burning down wickedness wherever it applies.
Like many other young artists at the forefront of Jamaica's new roots movement, including Capleton, Jah Cure and Anthony B., Sizzla's militant rasta stance is expressed through his adherance to Prince Emmanuel's priestly Bobo 'Shanti order whose affiliates often wear the turban and carry the broom. In 1996 Phillip "Fatis" Burrell issued Sizzla's debut album "Burning Up", but it was last year - 1997 - that Sizzla really set the reggae world on fire with a startling run of killer 45's, the Firehouse crew produced "Like mountain", "Babylon cowboy" and "Kings of the earth" for Fatis' Xterminator label, "Clean up your heart" on Barry O'Hare's Xrated imprint and many others. However, Sizzla fever reached a pitch last summer with the almost simultaneous release of two albums from the man: "Praise Ye Jah" and "Black woman and child". Both became instant contemporary roots reggae classics. In february 1998 Sizzla appeared in the U.K. for two ecstatically received shows in Birmingham and London as part of an Xterminator revue called "Hail Kings Of Glory '98" alongside Louie Culture, Mikey General, Malachi and Luciano backed by Dean Fraser and the Firehouse Crew.<
Sizzla's most recent records have been the 'Solomon' cut "Blessed The Youths" on Bobby Digital's Brickwall label, "Explain to almighty" (Solgie), "Till it some more" (Xterminator) and the two 12" disco 45s "Woman of Africa" (Greensleeves) produced by the Firehouse Crew and "Freedom cry/Saturated" on Jet Star's Xterminator subsidiary. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Sizzla. His asthonishing thought provoking lyrical ability - he rarely seems to repeat himself - and his righteous authentic Bobo inspired delivery mark him out as a true original, another phenomenal manifestation of the continuing spirit of rebellion that finds its voice in the oppressed of Jamaica.


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CD singles
7" Singles
  • Stop from quarrel (Xterminator)
  • Genesis (Xterminator)
  • Why boast (Xterminator)
  • Rain showers / Rain showers (Cave Remix) (Xterminator/Jet Star)
  • New generation (Xterminator)
  • Babylon homework (Xterminator)
  • Jah blessing featuring Luciano (Xterminator)
  • Made of (Xterminator)
  • Be strong (Xterminator)
  • Real (Xterminator)
  • Dem a try a ting (Xterminator)
  • She's like the roses (Xterminator)
  • Define yourself (Xterminator)
  • Till it some more (Xterminator)
  • Kings of the earth (Xterminator)
  • Babylon a listen(Xterminator)
  • I'm not sure (Xterminator)
  • Government (Xterminator)
  • Babylon cowboy (Xterminator)
  • Praise ye Jah (Xterminator)
  • True God (Xterminator)
  • Did you ever (Xterminator)
  • Ins & outs (Xterminator)
  • Life's road (Xterminator)
  • The gun featuring Shadowman (Xterminator)
  • Who is laughing featuring Ninjaman (Xterminator)
  • Ready ghetto youths featuring Jesse Jendau (Xterminator)
  • Say what's on your mind featuring Lady G (Xterminator)
  • Bruk down featuring Cocoa Tea (Xterminator)
  • From long time (Kariang)
  • Takes only time (Kariang)
  • Healing of the nation (Kariang)
  • By your words (Kariang)
  • Do some good (Star Trail)
  • Holding firm (Star Trail)
  • Gwaan chant feat. Anthony B, Louie Culture, Determine & D. Lara (Star Trail)
  • Good ways (Brickwall)
  • Bless the youths (Brickwall)
  • One away (Brickwall)
  • Trust and love (Digital B)
  • No time to gaze (Digital B)
  • Black woman and child (Digital B)
  • Make it secure (Digital B)
  • Explain to almighty (Solgie)
  • Love is always there (Solgie)
  • Purify woman (321 Strong)
  • Pressure remix (321 Strong)
  • It cost nothing (Cylton Records)
  • Go round them (Harmony House)
  • King in this jungle featuring Jah Cure (Harmony House)
  • Juvenile (King of kings)
  • Show us the way (King of kings)
  • Thunder roll (Roaring Lion)
  • Disobedient (A Town)
  • No pain (Kalonji)
  • Have your own (Emerald)
  • Pure and clean (Jamstyle)
  • On the battlefield (Jamstyle)
  • Hale the woman (Zulu)
  • Made it so (Henfield)
  • Disobedient (A Town)
  • Dem a suffer (Callbud)
  • Competition in fear featuring Anthony Redrose (Hottis)
  • Brutality for love (African Star)
  • Clean up your heart (Xrated)

12" Disco 45s

Source: "Dub Vendor Newsletter" March/April 1998.
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