Reggae music sprang into life in the 70’s. It was the first time that a third world country had made its voice heard on such a large scale… Since then, a new generation of reggae artists has emerged and its fathers are still there in Jamaica.

"Made in Jamaica" " is a powerful portrait of the leaders of the reggae music movement and how it has become a worldwide phenomenon. It is the story of how a small island nation of only three million people took their pain and misery and turned those emotions into songs that resonate around the world. Reggae is Jamaica’s blues: a music of both desperation and hope.

Now a new generation of reggae artists has emerged and its fathers are still in Jamaica. The Dance Hall, emerging from reggae, is drawing large crowds across the globe. At its origin, the Dance Hall concept is heavily influenced by religious overtones. Like rap music, Dance Hall’s message is powerful and straightforward, with lyrics about sex, violence, and social issues, including much on women’s rights.

From their native ghetto to international fame, "Made in Jamaica" recounts the individual stories of these artists who represent the Jamaican Dream.
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Grammy Award winner Toots 'Maytal' Hibbert; Gregory Isaacs aka The Cool Ruler; Bunny Wailer -founding member of the Wailers; Third World; Beres Hammond; Riddim Twins Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare; Alaine; Tanya Stephens; Bounty Killer; Elephant Man; Lady Saw; Joseph Current; Vybz Kartel; Brick and Lace; Dr. Marshall; Capleton.

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About the director Jerome Laperrousaz :
Past films include:
  • "Continental Circus", 1972 (Jean Vigo Award and Academy award selection for foreign production)
  • "Human" casting Terence Stamp and Jeanne Moreau, 1975
  • "Prisoners in the Street, Thirld World" 1980 (Cannes Festival Selection)
Jerome Laperrousaz has 25 years of family history in Jamaica. In 1980 he directed "Prisoners in the Street: ‘Third World’". This film highlights Jamaican reggae through the experience of the group "Third World".

Jerome Laperrousaz has a special talent for exposing the sensitive and personal. For "made in JAMAICA", Jerome shows the magnificent beauty which is the Jamaican landscape, from the renowned recording studios of Kingston, the pulsing sounds of Ocho-Rios, the morning light of the Blue Mountains, the vendors lining the narrows streets, the ghettos, and the creativity of Rasta and its inspired fashions.

What has reggae become today? Made in Jamaica will expose two main themes present in reggae: the old school reggae of the founders and that of the new generation.
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