Greensleeves Records celebrates its 25th birthday in 2001. What started as a record shop in West Ealing, London, is nowadays a well known and respected independent record label which is now based at Unit 14, Metro Center, St. John's Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, England. Recently they also opened a department in New York, USA.
Reggae Regular's "Where Is Jah" and Dr. Alimantado's "Born For A Purpose" were the label's first releases and with Dr. Alimantado's classic set "Best Dressed Chicken In Town" they unleashed their first LP. Almost from the start the Greensleeves releases proved successful and thanks to Tony McDermott's distinctive artwork they also established their visual image and identity. Another important role in the further development of the label played the emergence of dancehall with Greensleeves licensing much of - then leading producer - Henry "Junjo" Lawes' catalogue for release on the UK market. Furthermore they also succeeded to get a license deal with Scientist and Prince Jammy, notably his early work with Black Uhuru. Besides that they were successful with UK produced artists like for example Tippa Irie and the combination Clint Eastwood & General Saint. In the mid-eighties they re-issued impressive Jamaican albums from Hugh Mundell, and Yabby You, to name a few, as well as great new works from Yellowman, Junior Reid, Josey Wales and Eek-A-Mouse.
Other noteworthy (single) releases in the eighties were Wayne Smith's "Under Me Sleng Teng", which is widely regarded as the tune that kickstarted the digital revolution and Gregory Isaacs' huge hit "Rumours", which played an important role in the development of ragga. The nineties saw Greensleeves releasing records from a new wave of Jamaican artists including Shabba Ranks, Cocoa Tea and Papa San. With Shaggy's "Oh Carolina" they score their biggest (crossover) seller to date.

So, in a nutshell... 25 years of Greensleeves Records: Dr. Alimantado's legendary "Best Dressed Chicken In Town" crossed over to achieve cult status in the punk era, and then they built on this success with a catalogue brimful of classic albums and huge crossover hits like Shaggy's "Oh Carolina", Beenie Man's "Who Am I?" and Mr. Vegas' "Heads High".

To mark this first quarter century Greensleeves Records are re-issuing many albums from their, by now, extensive back catalogue. These albums are all digitally re-mastered. Titles range from early Roots and Dub, through the heady days of 80's Dancehall to today's hardcore Ragga, and feature just about all of Reggae's Superstars from 1976 to the modern day. A praiseworthy initiative, although many long-time reggae fans are most likely longing for a series of CDs containing Greensleeves' much anticipated 12 inch releases from way back!!

Dr. Alimantado: Best Dressed Chicken In Town
1. Best Dressed Chicken In Town 2. Just The Other Day 3. Poison Flour 4. Gimme Mi Gun 5. I Killed The Barber 6. Unitone Skank 7. Can't Conquer Natty Dreadlocks 8. Ride On 9. Plead I Cause 10. I Shall Fear No Evil 11. Ital Galore 12. I Am The Greatest Says Muhammed Ali 13. Johnny Was A Baker 14. Tribute To The Duke

Dr. Alimanto's boastful "Best Dressed Chicken In Town" album collects many of the deejay's 45s that were released between 1973-75. The set includes such gems like "Poison Flour", the dread defiance of "I Killed The Barber" and the completely over-the-top title track, which was engineered by Lee Scratch Perry. The strikingly dread cover photograph was taken in downtown Kingston by David Hendley. ESSENTIAL!!

Gregory Isaacs: Red Rose For Gregory
1. Red Rose For Gregory 2. Teacher's Plight (12 Inch Promo Mix) 3. Break The Date 4. Rumours (12 Inch Hit Mix) 5. Slow Down 6. All I Need Is You 7. Rough Neck (12 Inch Street Mix) 8. Intimate Potential 9. Closer Than A Brother 10. Broadway 11. Mind Yu Dis (12 Inch Manners Mix)

Shabba Ranks: Rappin' With The Ladies
1. Telephone Love Deh Pon Mi Mind 2. Just Be Good To Me 3. Steady Man 4. Mr Loverman 5. Hardcore Loving 6. Action Packed 7. Twice My Age 8. Don'T Test Me

Various: Hardcore Ragga Vol. 1
1. Gregory Isaacs - Rumours 2. J.C. Lodge - Telephone Love 3. Lady G - Nuff respect 4. Gregory Isaacs - Mind Yu Dis 5. Shabba Ranks - No Bother Dis Soundboy 6. Shabba Ranks - Champion Lover 7. Shabba Ranks & Deborah Glasgow - Mr Lover Man 8. Home T & Cocoa T & Shabba Ranks - Pirates Anthem 9. J.C. Lodge & Tiger - Love Me Baby 10. Krystal & Shabba Ranks - Twice My Age 11. Papa San & Lady G - Round Table Talk 12. J.C. Lodge - Selfish Lover 13. J.C. Lodge & Shabba Ranks - Hardcore Loving 14. Rebel Princess & Cocoa T & Shabba Ranks - Just Be Good To Me 15. Papa San - Dancehall Good To We 16. Krystal - All Around The World

Ras Michael: Rastafari Children
1. None A Jah Jah Children No Cry 2. Glory Dawn 3. Give Love 4. It Is No Secret 5. Sufferation 6. Mr Brown 7. Birds In The Treetop 8. Truth And Right 9. In Zion

Capleton: Almshouse
1. Alms House 2. Matie Career 3. G.C.T. 4. Hole Good 5. Make Hay 6. Mate A Dead 7. Them A Go Run 8. Falling In Love 9. Unnu No Hear 10. God Good 11. Alms House [Ragga Hip-Hop Remix]

Shaggy: Pure Pleasure
1. Soon Be Done 2. Give Thanks And Praise 3. Lust 4. Oh Carolina 5. Tek Set 6. Bedroom Bounty Hunter 7. Nice And Lovely 8. Love How Them Flex 9. All Virgins 10. Ah E A Oh 11. It Bun Me 12. Big Up 13. Bow Wow Wow 14. Follow Me 15. Mampie 16. Oh Carolina (Raas Bumba Claat Version)

Bounty Killer: Jamaica's Most Wanted
1. Roots Reality And Culture 2. Kill For Fun 3. Gun Thirsty 4. Girl Say Yes 5. Coppershot 6. Disrespect 7. Spy Fi Die 8. Long Donkey Cod 9. Lodge 10. New Gun 11. Man Ah Suffer 12. Dub Fi Dub 13. Mine The Girl Dem 14. Love Is Lovely 15. Glamity And Gumsion

Wailing Souls: Firehouse Rock
1. Firehouse Rock 2. Run Dem Down 3. Oh What A Feeling 4. Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall 5. Act Of Affection 6. Busnah 7. Fool Will Fall 8. Bandits Taking Over 9. Who Lives It 10. See Baba Joe

"Firehouse Rock" is the first album the vocal harmony group the Wailing Souls recorded with ace dancehall producer Henry "Junjo" Lawes. Backed by the Roots Radics the Wailing Souls deliver a flawless album. Every track featured on this album reveals classic qualities, with "Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall" probably making the greatest impression. ESSENTIAL!!

Garnett Silk: Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders
1. Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders 2. Cry Of My People 3. So Divine 4. Fill Us Up With Your Mercy 5. Zion In A Vision 6. Let Them Talk 7. You Gonna Need Love 8. Home Town 9. Spread The Love 10. Babylon Be Still 11. Retreat Wicked Man 12. Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders (Remix)

King Tubby: Dangerous Dub
1. Country Gal Dub 2. Loud Mouth Rock 3. Up Town Special 4. Hungry Belly Dub 5. Shepherd's Bush In Dub 6. London Bridge Special 7. Earthquake Shake 8. Rice Grain Rock 9. Banana And Yam Skank 10. Knife And Fork Dubwise 11. King Stereo Gav Dub 12. King Tubby's Hi Fi Dub 13. Symbolic Dub

Beenie Man: Maestro
1. Maestro 2. Nuff Gal 3. Blackboard 4. Girls Dem Sugar 5. Any Mr. Man 6. Long Longi Lala 7. Be My Lady 8. Yaw Yaw 9. Halla Fi Di Jordan 10. Girls Way 11. Oh Jah Jah 12. His-Story 13. Man Royal 14. One Big Road 15. Nuh Lock 16. Africans 17. Jerusalem 18. In the Ghetto 19. Romie

Clint Eastwood & General Saint: Two Bad DJ
1. I Can'T Take Another World War 2. Another One Bites The Dust 3. Talk About Run 4. Sweet Sweet Matilda 5. Special Request To All Prisoner 6. Dance It Have Fe Nice 7. Gal Pon The Front Line 8. Jack Spratt 9. Tribute To General Echo 10. Hey Mr D.J. 11. What About Right Oink! 12. Healing In The Balmyard 13. Banana Export 14. Young Lover 15. Two Bad Dj

Scientist : Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires
1. The Voodoo Curse 2. Dance Of The Vampires 3. Blood On His Lips 4. Cry Of The Werewolf 5. The Mummy's Shroud 6. The Corpse Rises 7. Night Of The Living Dead 8. Your Teeth In My Neck 9. Plague Of Zombies 10. Ghost Of Frankenstein

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Yellowman: Mister Yellowman
1. Natty Sat Upon A Rock 2. Lost Mi Love 3. Mr. Chin 4. Two To Six Supermix 5. Morning Ride 6. How You Keep A Dance 7. Jamaica A Little Miami 8. Yellowman Getting Married 9. Duppy Or Gunman 10. Cocky Did A Hurt Me

Freddie McGregor: Big Ship
1. Big Ship 2. Sweet Lady 3. Peaceful Man 4. Stop Loving You 5. Get Serious 6. Don't Play The Fool 7. Get United 8. Let Me Be The One 9. Roots Man Skanking 10. Holy Mount Zion

Besides Henry "Junjo" Lawes the eighties dancehall scene also witnessed the production skills of artist/producer Linval Thompson. The latter produced Freddie McGregor's "Big Ship" album, a good mixture of quality lovers songs and cultural tunes delivered over musical backdrops provided by the Roots Radics. No weak track to be found. ESSENTIAL!!

Don Carlos: Day To Day Living
1. I'm Not Crazy 2. Hog and Goat 3. I Like It 4. Dice Cup 5. Rootsman Party 6. Street Life 7. English Women 8. At the Bus Stop 9. 400 Years

Barrington Levy: Here I Come
1. Here I Come 2. Do The Dance 3. Under Me Sensi 4. Vibes Is Right 5. Real Thing 6. Cool And Loving 7. Struggler 8. Live Good 9. Moonlight Lover 10. Ya We Deh 11. Give Me Your Love 12. Don't Run Away

John Holt: Police In Helicopter
1. Police In Helicopter 2. Private Doctor 3. Last Train 4. Beach Party 5. Reality 6. Fat She Fat 7. Chanting 8. Sugar And Spice 9. Can't Use Me 10. I Got Caught

Bushman: Nyah Man Chant
1. Nyah man chant 2. Cannabis 3. Man a lion 4. Remember the days 5. Rude boy life 6. Black starliner 7. Grow your natty 8. Call the hearse 9. She's gone 10. My day 11. Poor people power 12. Anything for your love

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Augustus Pablo: Original Rockers
1. Rockers Dub 2. Up Warrikka Hill 3. Cassava Piece 4. Tubby'S Dub Song 5. Jah Dread 6. Brace A Boy 7. Thunder Clap 8. Park Lane Special 9. New Style 10. AP Special

"Original Rockers" gathers most of the best early self-produced instrumentals from Horace Swaby aka Augustus Pablo. With the exception of the awesome "Brace A Boy" - featuring the deejay Dillinger - it is very much the music of a young Augustus Pablo that impresses. Some of the pieces are revitalized Studio One riddims, the others are fresh originals. ESSENTIAL!!

Dennis Brown: Slow Down
1. It's Magic 2. Slow Down Woman 3. Joy In The Morning 4. They Fight I 5. Let's Build Our Dreams 6. Come On Over 7. Love By The Score 8. Icy Road 9. Africa We Want To Go 10. Now And Forever 11. Can't Keep A Good Man Down 12. Live And Love

Eek-A-Mouse: Wa Do Dem
1. Wa Do Dem 2. Ganja Smuggling 3. Operation Eradication 4. Noah's Ark 5. Long Time Ago 6. There's A Girl In My Life 7. Lonesome Journey 8. I Will Never Leave My Love 9. War Don't Pay 10. Slowly But Surely 11. Too Young To Understand

Various: Junjo Presents A Live Session With Aces International
1. Eek A Mouse 2. Buru Banton 3. Yellowman & Fathead 4. Little John 5. Toyan 6. Yellowman 7. Eek A Mouse 8. Toyan 9. Ringo 10. Beenie Man

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