You're A Lady.
Miss You Nights.
Never Love This Way Again.

Bunny produced many works for many popular Reggae artists and it was while working on his favourite track "Everything I own"which he intended to get a top name artist to perform, Bunny was asked to voice the track himself, Bunny really had never thought of doing this but felt he could try and so for the first time ever he stepped into the studio and the resulting record soon drew a response, Ragga F.M played the song many times and as a result Bunny became involved in "Childline," released "Lonely Girl"and "Love To Want" and in 1998 launched his 1st album " True To You". Recently Bunny released his 2nd album entitled "Friends", a collection of sophistaced lovers rock tunes. Bunny Melody has proved he has the style and voice reggae lovers everywhere just love to hear and has used his love of Reggae thought his career to express himself via writing and performing.

Bunny has toured Europe, performed on Meridian t.v, The Warehouse for Carlton television and most recently Sky T.V, he has also performed at countless clubs and charity events such as the Dartford festival, The Bromley Carnival and many more the length and breadth of the U.K.

Photo & text courtesy of Bunny Melody.

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