On the horizon, as the sun over the mountains, comes Roots Style Reggae Artist Earl Anthony. A voice that shines of sweetness, Earl Anthony's destiny shall be no less than a successful musical career!

Earl Anthony is from Kingston Jamaica. As a youth coming home from school he would make rudimentary musical sounds by clashing pans and stick together. He would beat them and sing along. The people say 'Gwaan man you sound good as you beatin!' So from youth up his determination was to take that basic talent to a higher level. At school he would bang on the desk at breaktime and his friends would say 'Wow! Give wi dat sound and mek wi hear again!.'

His first song was called "A Diggle Diggle." Here is a sample from that song: "A diggle diggle beat Your Drum- I am the number one gonna take it down-Take it down I gonna put it on the ground-That is the way I'm gonna get my crown- A diggle diggle down down down." Translation: 'When one artist take away another man's number song off the musical charts then he can get his own crown on the same chart.'

His second song was "Sensi Man Rock" produced on Levi Label distributed by Greensleves Records and released in England. He began working on his own productions via 3-2-1 Studio, Cell Block and Skank So. "Promise Land" is his first self produced song published by Skank So Recording Studio along with a second track titled "Tree Of Life" by Artist Marcquis Melody. It was released in Europe, US, and Jamaica.

Earl Anthony is a devout Rastaman. Among his many determinations is to 'carry the message of the Arch Angel and not the fallen Angel to the youth of Jamaica and the world at large.' Earl Anthony is currently working to complete his first solo album project titled "Straight Faith" due in early 2002. Look for his participation in concerts Summer 2002 and beyond!

Photo & text provided courtesy of Skank So Recording Studio.

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