Watchful Eyes.
Suffer's Song.
The Prayer.
No Love In Their Hearts.
Paradise Lost.

Jahmel was born in Kingston, Jamaica. A Twelve Tribe member, Jahmel started singing way back in his Kingston College days. He migrated to the United States and was discovered by music producer, Roydale (Andy) Anderson. Andy first heard him on the mike in a dancehall in upstate, Rochester, New York. He fell for Jahmelís clear and sweet sounding voice and promptly took him to Jamaica to Harry J's Studio to record his first album "Watchful Eyes" in order to let others hear his sweet music and powerful cultural message. Jahmel was backed by the members of the original Wailers band including the late great Carlton "Carlie" Barrett on drums; Aston "Family Man" Barrett, bass; Earl "Wire" Lindo, keyboard; Ian Nathaniel and Leroy "Gitts" Hamilton, guitar.

"Watchful Eyes" was very well received in Europe and was critically acclaimed by national critics as one of the best roots LP's of its time. This masterpiece is presently coupled with six "new" songs on a 16 track cd called "Now And Then". The cd has created a lot of excitement and is been played and marketed internationally, making it a true "it's a global affair".

Then he became a member of American-based band Jahmel & The Rhythm Factory, which was formed by his late brother, Michael O'Connor, who was the bass player for the band; Jahmel was the lead singer and guitarist. They recorded many singles and one LP entitled "Ruff for Years". Besides that they also produced the video single "Donít be Cruel", which was shown internationally. Upon the band's dissolution Jahmel went into self-imposed exile.

Shortly thereafter he returned to Jamaica where he restarted his career in the music industry. He met ace producer Donovan Germain of Penthouse Records who fell in love with his musical ability. Jahmel is now member of the prestigious Penthouse record label, still sending out his cultural messages of love in songs such as "Wipe The Tears", "Paradise Lost", "A Prayer", Jah Rules Everything", "Harvest Time" and "Give Jah The Glory".

Jahmel has built a big following in Jamaica and is a very well-respected artist wherever he performs. The Jamaican Observer entertainment writer reported on a performance by Jahmel:

    Jahmel who has an upcoming self-titled album for Dovovan Germain, preceded by Fred Locks in the running order, with his locks tumbling past his waist. He opened with Oh Lord to well-deserved strong applause, moving into Give Jah The Glory, which he had to pull up for the ladies. He had the crowd eating up every word that came out of his mouth. The longer he performed the louder the crowd noise grew. He held the audience captive right through his performance. Jahmel concluded his performance with Afromantic, Loving You Is Easy, which the audience demanded to hear again. For an encore Jahmel reinforced the lover's rock song.

Photo & parts of the text courtesy of Roydale (Andy) Anderson.

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