Jah Nyne

Born Sean Rolle on the Island of Grand Bahama Jah Nyne grew up in the community of Hawksbill. Jah Nyne grew up around music being first influenced by his father, who was a lead guitarist and vocalist of a band called the Intruders, that played blues and soul music at night clubs and parties throughout the island. Still a child Jah Nyne would sometimes sing songs while his father played the guitar.

In the late seventies early eighties reggae music had taken the Bahamas by storm in the lights of Bob Marley and the Wailers and reggae became a major influence among the youths. As a teenager at that time Jah Nyne and his friends would string up a dj set and one by one they would take turns singing and dj'ing on weekends. At times they would also record their sessions with a camcorder as they performed.

The name "Jah Nyne" stems from the artist's childhood days, when his friends nicknamed him while playing basketball. He was not the best player but shot the ball from almost anywhere on the court so his friends started calling him "Nine" and then "Jahnine" when he started performing. Eventually, with a twist on the spelling the young artist decided to keep the name Jah Nyne.

In 1998 Jah Nyne performed before an audience for the first time when he opened a show for Exterminator with recording artists Luciano, Sizzla and Mikey General. At that time he realized that he wanted to make a career in music and he has been working hard since, nurturing his talent. Now a star has risen and is sure to light up the reggae arena. As a singer, songwriter and performer Jah Nyne is sure to write his name on the tables of the reggae industry. With a strong and positive message his music is spiritually cultivated and sure to draw the attention of listeners with a vibration of roots reality. Jah Nyne has performed in numerous shows with other Caribbean artistes such as Capleton and is looking into collaborating with the best artists in the Caribbean as well as abroad.

Jah Nyne says "his greatest inspiration came from His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I who inspired me to sing music of redemption for the human race and to lead an exemplary life of faith, integrity and courage." His lyrics are inspired by world events, everyday livity as well as personal experiences.

As an inspiring culture artist Jah Nyne is on a mission to take his music and message to the world to share his message of positive living with an international audience. For now his focus is on networking with the industry, make his mark in the international music business and an album is in the pipeline for later this year. His goal of becoming a great international artist, bringing Bahamian reggae to the fore and spreading his message of positivity Jah Nyne is working towards turning his goal into reality.

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