Jungle Jim

Sean Johnson aka "Jungle Jim" was born into a musically oriented family and was nurtured in rhythm and melody at a time when music was lived and not simpily taught. Life itself was a musical experience and his mother was the motivating force that steered him in the right direction. Being the youngest of four children, Jungle Jim can remember waking up every morning to see his older brothers and sister seated at the piano practicing their scales and pieces from Mozart, Chopin, Hyden, Beethoven etc. Next to them was their mother, listening keenly with a no-mistakes-must-be-made look on her face. At that time Jungle Jim did not know the world of music would soon be his fate too, nor that he would eventually attend The Jamaica School Of Music.

While attending Ardenne High School in Kingston, Jamaica young Sean started honing his skills and was soon broading his repertoire at Lincoln "Sugar" Minott's famous "Youthman Promotion" studio. This was his introduction to a dynamically exploding recording career, a career which is now under the skillful management of Percy Chin and Hyman Wright of Jah-Life International Records. To date Jungle Jim has released singles such as "Who Done It", "Pressure", "Throw Us Down", "Try A Little Thing" and "You Should Know". The video for "You Should Know" is now currently being shown in the following countries : United Kingdom, United States and Jamaica. Songs that have become favorites for many radio dj's from the Netherlands to London and from Salt Lake City to Miami. Jungle Jim's debut album entitled "Everything Is Everything" has been released by Life-Time Records for Jah - Life Publishing.

Currently, Jungle Jim has just released an acoustic guitar single on the Jungle Jimuzik label called "You Should Know" which is getting a lot of airtime on reggae radio stations. Nowadays you can find Jungle Jim at the Mixing Lab Recording Studio in Kingston, Jamaica, where he is working on a live band album and producing all reggae greats with the new fresh sound he created. Jungle Jim is certainly on his way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in this business of music as he makes his voice heard Internationally.

Photo & text courtesy of Jungle Jimuzik Global.

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