Clement Campbell a.k.a. Junior Pang, and better as Junior P was born in St. Andrews Jamaica, July of 1972. His mother would say, jokingly, "My P was born with a microphone in his hand." At the age of seven he won his first local talent show. Between the ages of seven and twelve, he worked with several sound systems as a deejay and part- time selector. The music prodigy had the privilege of working with prestigious sound systems as Jack Scorpio, Stone Love, Lee Unlimited and African Star. In 1986 at the age of twelve, he recorded his first song called "Ninja Bike" for Scorcher Records. A few months later he then migrated to the United States continuing his music career. While attending middle high and high school in Los Angeles, California, Junior P had the chance to do as many as five-school talent shows during one school year.

While on tours and doing shows, Junior. P performed with high profile artists/groups such as: B.B.D, Frankie Paul, Big Daddy Cane, and Coolio. These shows proved his versatility as a performer and his ability of capturing both the hip-hop and the reggae audience. He later concentrated on the West Coast club scene, blowing up in clubs like Club Flex, Jamaica House and Kingston 12. Junior P then went on to record an album for Capital Records while still performing at various hip hop and reggae spots and seminars such as: The Gavin in Atlanta, "The How Can I Be Down" in Miami Beach, The National D.J Coalition competition in San Francisco; and most recently he performed at The Festival at The Lake. Capital Records then released the single "Good Body Gal" and immediately it rose to the top on DJ's play-list internationally. The single even rose to #2 on Choice FM London's play-list. The album "Cockburnpen" was a mixture of hip-hop and reggae featuring artist like Slim Kid Tre, Pharcyde, Junior Cat, Roger Flames, Tenor Blue, and Frankie Paul. The release of the album followed with higher profile shows, including the prestigious Bob Marley Day Festival in Long Beach, CA on February of 1996.

In the fall of 1999, Junior P was introduced to Kevin L Brown of CanJa Sounds, by vocalist Dakeye. At this time, Brown voiced Junior. P and Dakeye on "Keep On Loving Jah." The sessions went so well Junior P went on to voice more tunes including, "Love In Mi Heart", "Black Princess" and "Hand Mi Da Fiya." While laying down tracks, his devotion to the Rastafarian faith was clear and unwavering in every lyric. The raw and energetic recordings not only reconfirmed Junior P.'s abilities as an entertainer and songwriter, but also displayed a man on a mission. That mission, put simply: "To serve Jah, and tell others of Jah's word through music."

Photo: Burning Fire Records. Text provided courtesy of Canja Sounds.

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