Up and coming on the scene of Roots and Dancehall Reggae Music comes the promising vocals of SingJay talent Marcquis Melody. Working to become a leading voice in the next generation of Reggae vocalists, Marcquis Melody displays a wide range of vocal ability. His background is both of Oakland, California and Kingston, Jamaica. The creative music process began for Marcquis while a student in primary school. He began playing instruments and joined the school band, performing local concerts within the community. It was around the time of High School that he began making his own original songs often playing skanks himself via guitar and piano. Without any specific intention to perform these songs he just continued to make them as if to sort of release his own creative energies. It was on a particular drive to Negril with some friends from Kingston that he was encouraged to take those songs made "just for fun" more seriously as one of the youth emphasized, "No matter what you do, never stop singing!"

Songwriter, producer and performer, Marcquis Melody sings the Jamaican Roots and Dancehall styles of Reggae with lyrics ranging from 'Praises to Jah,' 'Youth Issues' and 'Love for Women and Music.' Many of his works are original creations engineered at his own Skank So Recording Studio. Marcquis Melody flavors riddims with traditional heavy drum and bass lines accented by piano and guitar skank. Thus comes forth the studio name "Skank So." Linking with several Kingston friends, Marcquis Melody first released a four version Single entitled "Take It Easy" in Jamaica, the U.S., Europe and Asia. This project evolved as Marcquis and friends considered the fears that outsiders have of "The City" of Kingston, Jamaica. "Easy Kingston Bound" is written by Marcquis and gives the perspective of how a "Rudeboy" character may actually view strangers coming into his community. "Take It Easy [Nuh Rudeboy]" is written by Marcquis, MarkHill of Trenchtown, and Brown Khris of Kingston's Harbour View neighborhood. This song gives the perspective of Kingston youths as if to say, "Hey, we don't want to cause you any trouble." "Woman Take It Easy" written by Marcquis is sort of a call for the sistren to 'take it easy' with their brethren.

Marcquis Melody's second release is a fun Dancehall style four version Single entitled "So Many Girls." This project gives credence to the abundance of beautiful women in the world but especially in Jamaica. Vol. I is a solo by Marcquis and may be his best display of SingJay talent made public to date! Vol. II is a rich duo by Marcquis and Kingston DeeJay LazaRas. Also included are the social-politically conscious lyrics of Artist Khryztopha in a song entitled "Time Wi Fe Lift Up" in which Marcquis Melody harmonizes with background vocals.

Due early in 2002 will be Marcquis Melody's first full length LP/CD project. Included will be traditional style Roots tracks such as "Jah Decide," "Jam Skank So," and "Nah Let You Down," faster Dancehall paced tracks as "You Mean So Much to Me," "Jah Almighty" and softer Lover's Rock style songs such as "Love Confession," and "Jealousy." Keep your eyes and ears open for continued works of Marcquis Melody and other Skank So artists. They will surely have an impact on the cultural scenes of reggae music worldwide!

Photo & text provided courtesy of Skank So Recording Studio.

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