Mighty Mystic

Mighty Mystic, the new voice in Reggae music...

Mighty Mystic as he's musically known is probably the most unique and explosive voice to appear on the Reggae scene in the last 10 years. This young dynamic artist Hails from St Elizabeth, Jamaica, and has quickly become one of the hottest rising stars in dancehall, and Culture/Roots Reggae. Since he emerged onto the scene in 1997, Mystic has become a favorite amongst numerous Reggae and urban radio stations and is now one of the hot choices in the club scene. His energetic and charismatic style both on stage and in the booth has caught the attention of the masses.

In 2003, Mighty Mystic teamed up with chart toppers Tanto Metro & Devonte to release the single "Been So Long", which immediately caught the attention of numerous DJ's and their audiences across the nation. The song quickly reached college charts and became a favorite with commercial mixers and mix tape DJ's. Then in 2004 Mystic released "Black People Anthem" along with it's music Video which was received as one of the most powerfully Roots songs that summer in Jamaica. "Black People Anthem" held positions on the Top Ten Jamaican radio charts and spilled over into the U.S. dancehall markets such as Boston, NY, and Miami. The movements of Mighty Mystic were noticed by Director of A&R at VP Records Willie Daniels, who then featured Mystic on there 2004 "All Out" Riddim. Mystic's song "Fire in Your Eyes" received great reviews in the press and quickly gained national exposure. Mystic was also featured on the Greensleeves release of the "Red Alert" Riddim (7inch) with his song titled "Red Alert". He ended 2004 with the VP Records release of the "Check it Back" Riddim with his song titled "Make it last (Bump, Bump)". This song quickly became a favorite amongst DJ's world wide. Mystic was dubbed by the leading Jamaican news magazine "The X-News" as "the Simmering Volcano who is about to explode".

2005 was also a very explosive year for Mighty Mystic who teamed up with New England's own Split2nd Entertainment to record and release his up-coming debut Album "Wake up the World". Since the signing Mystic has released the album's first single titled "Treat her Right" which landed in the top 5 reggae track on mix show and specialty radio. It was also the 2nd most played song on college radio that year. "Treat her right" was featured on the cornerstone mix tape, three volumes of X-Mix, and over 40 mix tapes worldwide. Not to mention being played on over 50+ commercial stations. The fast success of his first single catapulted Mystic to embark on his first nationwide tour to date. The "Wake up the World" tour was a huge success and gave Mystic a chance to meet his fans and showcase his on stage performance.

His latest release "Riding on the Clouds" is already stirring up great vibes in his home of Jamaica. It was dubbed the "Welcome to Jamrock" of 2006. This bass driven Roots track is sure to be a track for the ages.

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Photo & text courtesy of Kay Rowe.

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