Natty Baldhead

Once upon a time 'Musicdom' asked for something new, something fresh, something masculine with full bodied male harmonies all sung and produced on Reggae or hardcore dance hall rhythms. Therefore, Natty Baldhead comprising four male singers with average height six feet answered the call. Natty Baldhead is the new recording artist/entertainment group on the Jamaican scene.

Members of the group are Raymond Hewitt, Jermaine Cunningham, Conroy Jarrett, and Rohan Brown. The group represents, writes, and sings about all aspects of the world" explains Rohan who writes most of the songs for Natty Baldhead. Natty Baldhead's performances encompass great vocals, harmony, and classy choreography. "Although we are recording artistes and composers we take live performances seriously" says Raymond. "Our audience is very important to us, as we have a responsibility to make them forget at least for an hour or so their problems" he continues. "We therefore take time planning our shows and long hours rehearsing it" he pointed out. The group has often brought in a fashion stylist and choreographer to help enhance each show.

The group also intends to make an international fashion statement by displaying the red, green, and gold colours of Reggae in whatever they wear. "GQ magazine watch out!" says Jermaine. "We will blow the minds of the world's fashion designers" he continues. The quartet also takes a lot of time to include choreography in its act. "We also try our best to incorporate Jamaican dance in our act and this involves hours of rehearsals, but from the reaction of our audiences, especially the ladies, it is worth it all", explained Conroy Jarret.

Natty Baldhead is presently in the studio working on their first album. Having recorded six songs and worked with some of Jamaica's best musicians. Their first single is "Deh pon a high". "We are very concerned about the gun for ganja trade. These guns are used by our own people to slaughter one another and that is wrong, very wrong," said Rohan. "We are recording other thought provoking songs" he continued. A version of the video for "Deh pon a high" can be seen on YouTube

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