Poor Man Friend (PMF) is a Roots Rock Reggae Dancehall backing band consisting of 5 musicians. The band works with several vocalists using its own riddims as well as parts of recognizable Jamaican riddims in one melting pot introducing PMF's own recognizable show. The shows are part of a full night Reggae Program. After two successful years and the right strength working with two artists at home and abroad, the band finally started working on their debut album, recorded in their Round Bass studio which is located in Leiden, The Netherlands. In September 2001 the single "Jah Love" featuring vocalist Don Cudjo was unleashed and now, in the summer of 2002, the Dutch "Urban Dub" label comes up with this brand-new Reggae release entitled "PMF", which should attract the attention of the loyal Reggae scene like an earthquake. It's the new vocalist and Reggae talent called Don Cudjo, a shining harmonious singer for Roots Reggae, as well as the popular Dancehall Bubbling King "Papeman", compared by some as an alternative for Buju Banton, who make the Reggae show rise from that small country with a Jamaican calibre you should not miss. It is Poor Man Friend backing these two vocalists not only with music but with backing vocals as well. Years of intensive training and live experience comes up with the right thing on stage considering the idea what (Jamaican) Reggae music is all about for eyes and ears. A two-hour life show guarantees the old Roots Reggae fan, the Dancehall Reggae fan as well as new Reggae tourists to be served with a trip to Jamaica Sunsplash without buying a plain ticket to the well-known Reggae Island in the Caribbean.

Photos & text courtesy of Poor Man Friend.

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