Singing Vernon

"The quiet storm - Still waters run deep".

Outta Town Recording is pleased to present a fresh new voice with a difference, a voice with lyrics that gives the feeling of a nice evening in the country, back in the good ole days.

Vernon Bourne aka Singing Vernon is behind the voice, he hails from the quiet, but beautiful town of Santa Cruz, in the parish of St. Elizabeth. Singing Vernon attended the St. Elizabeth Technical High School and played soccer for Santa United, where he was captain. Singing Vernon is no new comer to the world of music, he is from a musical background. Both his dad and uncle played in a mento band back in the 1960s and although his style could be described as roots reggae he is no novice to the dancehall, as he was selector on "Sal Soul Disco" back in the 1980s, a job he was quite successful at.

With his early exposure to the music as a child it's not surprising he would grow to love it. Although he is considered a successful business man, Singing Vernon's greatest love is his music. He recorded his first song in 2004 on the "Outta Town Label" titled "Times hard" featuring Tazmajor for Dudley Eulitt. He then recorded "Chiphop" and "Love is a hurting thing". In 2005 he recorded "Why" and "Keep on" on the "Outta Town Label". In 1999 he also recorded two singles for producer Val Bent from Canada, ""Give thanks" and "Grip I", but these were never released in Jamaica. His latest release "So many things" on the Outta Town Label is geared to create a vibes.

Since then Singing Vernon has recorded and released his debut album "My Mission" from which several songs are receiving excellent rotation on both local and international radio. "Life is like a river", "Times Hard", "Reggae Bandwagon", "Roxanne" & "My story" are just to name a few. He has so far released three music videos which is been played on several cable channels and on CIN (Caribbean International Network) in New York.

He is inspired by Bob Marley, whom he has dubbed the "King", he also admires Luciano's music. Singing Vernon has shared the same stage with the likes of Jah Mason, Yasus Afari, Noddy Virtue, Simple Stepper among others at the "Artist Explosion" in March 2006. He also performed at the "Conscious Youth for Culture" concert at the Santa Cruz Community Centre alongside Mutabaruka in 2004 and The Munro College Fun Day which featured Twins of Twins & Richie Innocent among others. "The JCDC Independence Concert" in Mandeville and "Judgment Fi Dem" at the Burnt Savanna Sports Complex are also shows he has worked and held his own among veterans such as Admiral Tibet, Mikey General, Ninjaman, Busy Signal, Lutan Fyah, Ras Shiloh and a host of others. He has done countless interviews on both local and international radio (Vibes Fm, Links Fm, KLAS Fm, Roots Fm and WHCR fm in New York.)

With the writer of an article in the X-News dubbing Singing Vernon "the quiet storm", there should be no question as to the musical havoc this dynamic new singer has in store for the world.

Photo & text courtesy of Outta Town Recording.

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