Sung Jin Cho aka "Skull" was born in Korea, he is the first known Korean native to not only embrace reggae music but also the Rastafarian culture. Skull now 27 years old first became aware of reggae music and Rastafarian culture through his exposure to the words, wisdom and music of Bob Marley at the age of seventeen, while in high school. Back then he was a member of a reggae band called 'Skull' and even though the band had since broken up, he continued to use the name Skull as he says it represents his birth into the reggae culture. "It is kind of my spiritual and creative awaking, so I adopted the name so I would never forget my beginnings and where I came from". He explains, he went on to talk about the tattoos on his body, which he explains reflects his philosophy, his faith and will. "Every time I see them, they reminds me of my passion for music, I met an old rastafarian man when I visited Jamaica and he gave me a necklace of a lion and called me brother, it was so meaningful to me that I tattooed the map of Africa in the shape of a lion on my chest, since then I have devoted my life to Rastafarian and reggae music".

Skull says he considers reggae music fighting music and believes the strong messages in these songs has the power to change people's minds and influences how they live. Listening to the music and philosophy of Bob Marley was what brought him into reggae and he considers Marley as much more than just his hero, because he has changed his life in a positive way. Skull is spiritually driven and strives to live as a true Rastafarian.

In Korea reggae music is almost unknown and so this young rasta man waves the reggae banner high. In the underground movement their battle cry is "Hangol Reggae", which means "Korean Reggae". Skull is determined to spread his beloved reggae music throughout Korea and he is certainly on track towards achieving his goal. He is also determine to break thru in Jamaica, the country of reggae music.

Skull has a new single that was recently released in Jamaica by Publicist Kay Rowe. The single "Boom di, Boom di" was written by Mighty Mystic and Skull and is receiving excellent air-play on several radio stations including Irie Fm. "Boom di Boom di" was first released in the USA and in Korea, it was recently in the top 5 on the Rapattack top 30 chart, Top 5 on the Rapnet worktop 30 chart and is also featured on the Bronx DJ Technic's "Da West Indeez" reggae mix-tape. He has been written up in several on line magazines such as,, Rapattack, Baller status and All Hip Skull was also featured artist during the week of December 11, 2006.

Executive Producer and co-host of the afternoon show "Powers" on Kube 93 fm in Seattle, Harris 'Dirty Harry' Frincis says "Boom di, Boom di" is a great up-lifting and uptempo record and it is going to be a big club hit and perfect to break in the mix-shows". International R&B singer Mariah Carey who heard the single was so impressed she said, "The single "Boom di, Boom di" is really hot". Skull who lives in Korea is currently traveling back and forth to California where he is working on his debut album.

He is rearing to go and has expressed the desire to work here in Jamaica alongside other reggae veterans. Skull says when he first came here he was a little nervous because his English kind of sucks and the fact that he isn't black and a foreigner didn't help much, but at the same time he was also confident because he believed in the power of the music and his faith that God had brought him here for a reason. "Nowadays, my only hope is to keep doing my music with happiness and I promise to always keep my mind pure and make music from my heart".

Photo & text courtesy of Morgan Carey.

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