Tosh 1

"Only the truth can make a man free." - Peter Tosh.

Jawara McIntosh, a.k.a. Tosh 1, the son of the late great Winston Hubert McIntosh a.k.a Peter Tosh, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. At the tender age of five he moved to the states, into what would be his life long home in Boston, Massachusetts. Not too far from Jamaica geographically speaking, but all things considered, a completely different world from his native land. At the age of seven, the time of his father's untimely death, is when young Tosh would first pick up a pen and begin to write. Haunted by the murder of his father and continuously perplexed by the unanswered questions surrounding this tragic event, young Tosh desperately sought an outlet in which to discharge his frustration. And although unknown at the time to him, it was like destiny that young Tosh moved to where he would first encounter hip-hop. He immediately took to pioneers of hip-hop like Public Enemy, Kool Moe Dee, N.W.A., L.L. Cool J, and others. Virtually hypnotized by albums like Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions, Ice Cube's Amerikkkas Most Wanted, L.L. Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out, in conjunction with other ground breaking works, he quickly developed a love and a passion for the art of rap, and then began to write lyrics of his own.

Now older and wiser, and an economics major, Tosh 1 says "Hip-Hop and I have a love hate relationship, the same revolutionary spirit that once inspired me, has been transformed into everything it once detested". And he believes this is due to the fact that, as he would say, "Hip-Hop has gone astray", because of the consistent refusal of major record labels to support anything "Real". So after many years of training and honing his lyrical abilities, Tosh 1, the self-proclaimed Real Rap Revolutionary, has truly become a master at his craft, and seeks to take Hip-Hop to a higher level along with its fans and critics. Tosh 1 states "My mission is to deliver a message of Truth without compromise in the language I am most familiar with, the language of the struggle." So in other words Tosh 1 does not attempt to "force feed" the masses his Truth, but delivers his message in such a fashion that even the most commercialized rap fans are forced to respect it, while true fans of Hip-Hop across the globe are finding themselves falling in love all over again.

At Tosh's first official live concerts at the Paradise Rock club in Boston and the Hut Tin Roof in Marthas Vineyard, performing as a virtual unknown, a hyper-energetic Tosh 1 managed to stir audiences into frenzy. The son of Peter Tosh displayed his unparalleled lyrical talent and remarkable versatility as he covered his father's songs beautifully, while also seamlessly intertwining his signature brand of revolutionary rap; he made it impossible for onlookers to deny his ability. Now what once seemed so very long ago to be a fantastic dream, is now beginning to manifest itself in reality, as he now has several tracks recorded under his belt and is working on his debut Album titled Babylon Burnin. In an industry that has been saturated to the point of suffocation by commercialized, over-hyped, uninspired, exaggerated "Gangsta/Thug" rappers, Tosh 1 is a breath of fresh air. And in a world darkened by spiritual, political, and corporate powers, Tosh 1 is the light, and like all light he is destined to shine!

Photo & text courtesy of Niambe McIntosh.

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