Right Type A Body.
Roll Up.
Talk To Me.

Talented young performer Dwight "Zeno" Brown has big plans for his growing career as a Jamaican singer/songwriter. With an impressive track record in Jamaica and the US, together with his positive attitude and boundless talent, Zeno is sure to succeed with the release of his latest CD "On The Road" through Play Records out in April 2003. The melodious voice of Zeno has often been compared to that of Mr. Vegas and many of his recordings have been attributed to that artist. In a recent interview Zeno explained that he does not regard this as a negative. "Mr. Vegas is an accomplished singer so it is flattering to be compared with him, especially since I have never made any attempt to copy his style; my style is my own natural one."

Zeno is serious about being an accomplished musician and is determined to work at producing quality music so that he can achieve his ambitions for Jamaican music. Growing up in Jamaica with role models like Dennis Brown, Bob Marley and Sade Zeno realized very early that he wanted to sing. "At age 12 I was leading the choir at my Pentecostal church. After about 2 1/2 years I realized that I wanted more and started honing my writing skills. During this period I also started performing on stage shows and had my first major break in 1990 when I took part in the Tastee Talent Contest." His performance at Tastee was impressive and brought him to the attention of top producer "Computer Paul." After working with Paul for a short time Zeno migrated to the United States to attend school, but during his stay he found time to continue his music career. He worked with Clifton "Specialist" Dillion on his Specs/Shang label, recording at the Florida Heavy Beat studio of Willie Lindo. Zeno has also performed extensively in Florida, New York and Philadelphia. By the time of his return to Jamaica and to the stable of Computer Paul, the buzz was out that this young artist was going places.

Zeno has already had significant success in his recording career. His popular singles include "Girls Medley" which reached #3 on the Jamaican charts, "Again & Again", "Gal Yu Exceptional" (a duet with Don Yute), "Gal A Look Yu Man" and "I'm Still Your Man." He also recorded "Hypocrites" for Bobby Digital on the Digital B label. Zeno's career was gathering steam and he proved his performing quality on numerous live shows including 1998's Champions in Action and Caribbean Fest in Trinidad where he shared the spotlight with luminaries of the reggae scene like Capleton, Cobra, Tanya Stephens and Tony Curtis. It was around this time that Zeno caught the attention of Roger Moodie of Worries Entertainment. Roger took him under his wing and introduced him to Peter Tulloch of Sound Temple Production, Out Put Studios and Paul Tulloch of Play Records Inc. They were so impressed with his talent and potential that an immediate start was made on producing their first album. "On The Road" was finished eight months later.

Zeno's ambition is to help bring Jamaican music back together. He wants all the elements; dancehall, reggae, ska to be part of the greater Jamaican family of music. Further he believes that the music will achieve its greatest success when a true synergy of these musical formats becomes the vision of producers and artists alike. "We have to appreciate each others talents and expressions." He hopes to take his music to the world and looks forward to sharing his expression with different nations, races and cultures. "I would love to sing in many languages and share our culture in that way." For the future of Jamaican music, this bright and intelligent young man expresses hope, but emphasizes that more time and resources must be spent on the training of new and young talent. "We need grooming for young artists E more music schools so that performers become true musicians, together with more music classes and musical instruments to be available for our primary and high schools. This is the only way to ensure that our music will flourish - by making all our musical performers also musicians." With these expressions of hope, his positive attitude and boundless talent, Zeno is sure to succeed. His latest CD single featuring "Maria" and "Right Type A Body" proves that Zeno has honed his skills to perfection.

Photo & Text courtesy of Play Records.

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