In My Head feat. Shanaira Rey.
Big Up feat. Mr. Threadz. (X-Tratight Mix)

Rock 'N Vibes Entertainment - under the leadership of Berteaut Fleming a.k.a. Mr Rude - is an independent record label that has been actively producing Dancehall/Reggae, R&B and Hip-Hop music since 2002. Rock 'N Vibes Entertainment have signed a number of potential artists including Shanaira Rey and Ziggy, each with there own style of music.

R. Blijden a.k.a. Ziggy, the 22 year old phenomenon behind the blazin' tracks "Gangstaway" and "Big Up" is one of Rock 'N Vibes' most versatile dancehall / hip-hop artist. He left Holland at an early age, destination; the Caribbean island St. Eustatius. While living there he was introduced to a wide variety music genres such as gospel, rap, hip-hop reggae and dancehall, which formed the basis of the artist he is today. After returning back to Holland he started recording at "Rock House recording studio", before eventually ending up at "Rock 'N Vibes Entertainment". Back on Dutch soil he's ready to leave his mark on the music industry with his own unique style.

Summer 2004 was a great summer for Ziggy as it provided him with the opportunity to promote his single "In My Head". It all started on July 3rd at the Urban Style Festival 2004 where Ziggy gave a performance befitting a king. Followed by the "Oase Show" (Nijmegen 4 Daagse Festival), Nighttown (Dancehall Extravaganza), Geoneal's Rhythm & Soul Show (Kwakoe festival 2004)

On August 1st 2004 (kwakoe festival 2004), Ziggy's first single "In My Head" was officially released by his label Rock 'N Vibes Entertainment. Ziggy is currently working on his first album which will include his single "In My Head".

Photo & text courtesy of Rock 'N Vibes Entertainment.

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