Lush Records
7" Single
October 28, 2003

Artist & tune

  • Alpha & Omega - African Drums / Time Dub
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U.K. based Alpha & Omega are Christine Woodbridge and John Sprosen. In the mid-eighties they started their recording career founding the Roaring Lion studio - named after the South West's leading reggae sound system. Up till now they have released some 20 albums, thus creating a loyal following spanning the reggae, college and trip-hop community. When it comes to reggae outings Alpha & Omega have made a name for themselves amongst fans of heavy dub sound style from the UK with their spiritually charged roots reggae and deep meditative raw sound. Fans of their music won't be disappointed when they hear this brand new vinyl 7", which was recorded at AO Studio for Sweden based Lush Records. "African Drums" is an awesome heavy roots steppers with a driving bass and weird sound effects. The pace is slowed down on "Time Dub", but the main ingredients are the same although it incorporates more vocals floating in and out the mix. A lethal record for all heavyweight dubheads!