Jah Warrior
10" Single
March 14, 2005

Artist & tune

  • Kenny Knots - Ain't Gonna Be Put Down By Babylon / Kenny Knots - Ain't Gonna Dub / Jah Warrior - Heart Of A Lion / Jah Warrior - Dub Of A Lion
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"The appeal of dub is in the dynamics, the sheer impact and spirituality of the sound. I remember speaking with Jah Shaka about this, debating the appeal of roots music--His response was: even if people don't understand the lyrics, they can tune into the beat. And that in itself is ok; people just really, really like this music. It touches people-- People are in tune to its power. People realise the depth present within the vibes in comparison to a lot of other music forms such as garage or house music." (Jah Warrior, January 2003)

Kenny Knots of Unity Hi Fi -- and the mic chanter on early UK digital dancehall 12" "Watch How the People Dancing" -- returns with a fine 10" discomix for Jah Warrior.

This 10" discomix "Aint Gonna Be Put Down By Babylon" opens with a shrill, piercing Pharaoh Sander's free jazz horns refrain, but soon spreads out into an orthodox drum and bass roots tune. The vocal is dominated by scattershot Rockers drum patterns and complex rim shots. The version has a shuddering bassline and harsh and crisp snares spiralling into distortion. Pinging submarine tones/Tubby's sound signals scratch at the surface of the dense, aggressive mix.

Play this one loud to achieve the desired effect -- it's designed for sound system play -- massive drum and bass overload.

In contrast, the other side of the 10", "Heart of a Lion", is a thoughtful jazz inspired dub affair, indicating further Jah Warrior's aim for a more reflective and organic sound in his compositions.

This is a discomix for those who know what they want: Steve Mosco knows his audience very well and provides accordingly in this speaker pounding mix.